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    Post by Admin on Sun Apr 14, 2013 4:02 am

    Intro: When you donate to the site you will be given 1 Divine Coin for every USD you donate to the site. In order for us to verify that you have donated to the site you must take a screenshot of your donation and send it to "Reaper" to get your "Divine Coins" within 24 hours. Once you have done so you will be able to spend your "Divine Coins" at the "Donor Shop."

    Click "HERE" To Go To The Shop!

    Gold Donor (100+ USD)
    -20% Shop Discount
    -Free Titles
    -Bonus of 50 Attribute Points

    Silver Donor (50+ USD)
    -10% Shop Discount
    -Icon in Chatbox

    Bronze Donor (25+ USD)
    -5% Shop Discount
    -Glow to Username

    Normal Donor (5+ USD)
    -VIP Color


    Single Donations

    The difference between single donations and status donations like the ones above is that when you get your Divine Coins you can either spend it on working your way to get a status, or you can spend it on a single donation. If you have for example 25 Divine Coins and spend it on a Divine Weapon, you will not get the Bronze Donor status as well. These things are separate.


    Mythical Zoan Fruits - 30 Divine Coins
    -Mythical Zoan Fruits give you 30 bonus attribute points
    -They allow of combination between logia and zoan abilities
    -They allow you to choose Gods such as Zeus, werewolves, dragons, basilisk, etc


    Ancient Zoan Fruits - 30 Divine Coins
    -Ancient Zoan Fruits give you 30 bonus attribute points
    -They allow you to choose far stronger zoans such as saber-tooth tigers, a variety of dinosaurs of your choosing, or anything that has once existed in the world but longer does


    Divine Equipment - 25 Divine Coins
    -A divine equipment provides you with 25 bonus attribute points
    -This equipment no longer needs to be upgraded as it is on par with upgraded swords already
    -This equipment can be anything, in fact it could also be a shield or a helmet
    -You may only have a maximum of TWO Divine Equipment items.

    Special Occupation - 10 Divine Coins
    -A special occupation that you choose and name (Berserker, Puppeteer, etc.)
    -Gain +10 for attributes (Total of 20 attributes)


    Personal Islands - 5 Divine Coins
    -A special island just for you, where you choose the name of the sub category, the location, and special permissions will be given to you as well.
    -This is perfect for crews that are looking for their own island to relax and chill.


    Money to Beli - 1 Divine Coin Minimum
    For every 1 Divine Coin you donate you will gain 35000 Beli (35 thousand Beli)


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