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    Corrida Colosseum Information [WIP]


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    Official Topics Corrida Colosseum Information [WIP]

    Post by Admin on Sun Apr 14, 2013 4:38 am

    Corrida Colosseum Information [WIP] 23jn6u9
    Corrida Colosseum is essentially the duel area for players to PVP. This area will not be considered affiliated to any of the actual RP'ing. However, this area will occasionally hold "prize" matches where players can PVP for prizes. They will be graded on how well they RP, grammar, spelling, skills used, descriptive, and overall the quality of their posts. Winning the PVP will not qualify as a means of automatically winning the prize, but winning with quality posts would score you points in determining who the winner is of the match.

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