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    Emanate Arena of Champions

    Azure Snow

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    Official Topics Emanate Arena of Champions

    Post by Azure Snow on Fri Feb 28, 2014 1:17 am


    Welcome to the Magnificent Emanate Arena of Champions! This is where Pairs of Two or Three battle through multiple Rounds of Massive Monsters, Groups of Foes and Vicious Creatures found through out the World! Will you and your Partners be victorious through the many battles that the Arena throws at you? or will you perish before the might of the other competitors?

    The Games, Monsters, Partners and Environments will be decided with the roll of a certain Dice. Depending on what you have entered you will have a certain number of rounds against random foes that are found throughout the world. The Environment will also be changed, Will it be a Swampy field of mud and different plants or will it be a Desert Wasteland? The Roll of The Champion's Die will decide the fate of what you will be facing in each Round.

    These Games & Tournaments Are shown all over the world with the Technology of the Snail Cam. Being seen by people of all affiliations around the world brings up the reputation or Bounty of the Person or people in the tournament/Games. Being an Island that is not in the Jurisdiction of the World government this place is free to all to enjoy. However, If any marines try and arrest pirates or revs they will be forced into the games for the pleasure of the ruler of this island to watch. The same goes for Pirates Trying to kill marines out of the Arena, The fate shall always to be thrown into the games against whomever the Ruler wishes them against.


    Rules of the Arena!

    Rule #1 : All participants must have any armor or weapons set in the Crystal Glow and lining of their Arena Rank, When leaving the Island the glow is to come off immediately; The Glow is only for the Arena.

    Rule #2 : Anything goes within the Arena Except being purposely God-like and God Modding. Go by the Stats of any Enemies that you encounter or People you face; Basically be Fair.

    Rule #3 : You Cant go into the Arena without Azure's Permission before hand. I am Happy to allow ANYONE In, In fact I really want people to RP on This Island so I leave this open to anyone who wishes to enter, Just ask me first and i will set up arena by rolling for Enemies and Environment for Each Round as well as ask others if they want to join in. You must have at least 2-4 people before i will allow any Game/Tournament Tasks here.

    Rule #4 : Have Fun and Take your Time; I Like to see at least 200 word Posts and Good Quality. Smile


    Arena Enemies!

    20 Sided Die will be rolled 2 times for each round. 1st roll will be on Set 1, 2nd Roll will be on Set 2. The combination of these two rolls will decide the enemies you will face within a single Round.

    Set 1:

    1. Boss Battle (Same Rank as the Contestant)
    2. 4 Mobsters
    3. 3 Samurai
    4. 3 Fishmen
    5. 4 Desert Bandits
    6. 2 Gladiators (Same Rank as the Contestant)
    7. Small Beast
    8. 2 Desert Swordsmen
    9. 5 Ninja
    10. Boss Battle (Same Rank as the Contestant)
    11. 5 Gladiators (Grunts)
    12. 6 Desert Bandits (Grunts)
    13. Large Beast
    14. 4 Forest Bandits
    15. 3 Healers
    16.7 Marine Recruits
    17. 4 Pirate Rookies
    18. Pirate Boss (Same Rank as Contestant)
    19. Marine Boss (Same Rank as Contestant)
    20. Massive Beast

    Set 2:

    1. Small Beast
    2. Pirate Badass (Same Rank as Contestant)
    3. 4 Pirate rookies
    4. 3 Healers
    5. 3 Marine Marksmen
    6. 2 Desert Sharpshooters
    7. 5 Midget Berserkers  
    8. 3 Fishmen Bandits
    9. Cyborg Boss (Same Rank as Contestant)
    10. 2 Sumo's
    11. 5 Swordsmen
    12. 2 Musicians
    13. Large Winged Boss (Same Rank as Contestant)
    14. 3 Ninja
    15. Ninja Boss (Same Rank as Contestant)
    16. Large Blacksmith Boss (Same Rank as Contestant)
    17. 3 Large Gladiators.
    18. 2 Massive Gladiators
    19. Giant Boss (10 Meters Tall, Same Rank as Contestant)
    20. Palatial Island Boss (Same rank as Contestant)

    Boss Battle Dice Set 1:

    1. Leonard The Terrible
    2. Plushie D Froogle
    3. Sarah Goldenbottom
    4. Hearts V Sane
    5. Mr. Kitteh
    6. Zell W Homes

    Boss Battle Dice Set 2:

    1. Robin Dropps
    2. Bistro "The Disco"
    3. "The Laser" Joe
    4. Sully Silk "Rock Slayer"
    5. The Poison Kid
    6. "Bubble Gum Princess" Ki Ki

    Boss Battle Dice Set 3:

    1. Bart "The Mustache"
    2. "Red Vixen" Arleta
    3. Lota Minks "Blinding"
    4. "5 Blades" Bakie Merimo
    5. Gorrath "King of Destruction"
    6. "Slick Daggers" Darnell


    Arena Environments!

    This will be Decided on an 8 sided Die. Each Arena environment is 60 meters in all directions and 60 Meters tall. The arena is surrounded in a massive Bubble that absorbs Damage so no spectators get harmed. This is rolled for however many rounds there may be; Each round is a different Environment.

    1. Ruins (Filled with Stone Ruins and plant life)
    2. Desert (Desert Wasteland, Has Desert like Plants.)
    3. Swamp (Large Swamp area filled with Mud and Water plant life. There are large Root systems above the 2 foot Water to leap from.)
    4. Grassland (Grass filled arena.)
    5. Sea (There is small pillars all over the arena to jump to(1 meter by one meter) these pillars are 1.5 meters away from one another. 20 meters is filled with Water upwards.)
    6. Forest (Filled with Tree and Plant Life.)
    7. Emanate (Glowing Arena, One of the Most famous Arenas in the world, Made from Strong Crystalline Structures found on the island.)
    8. Mountain(Filled with random Rocks, Large and Small.)


    Arena Types!

    The Arena Has Multiple Options to go up against, Sign up at the Front Desk and be prepared for Battle by getting your weapon, Armor and other equipment layered in the Crystal Color of your rank.

    1. Tournament Type: (this Is when 2-3 Contestants Battle through 6 Rounds of random combat. With the Chance of a Random Boss Battle at the End[6th round is boss battle])

    2. Match Type: (2-3 Battle against a Single Strong Enemy In the Arena)

    3. Battle arena (This Type is when 2-4 Contestants Agree on a 1V1 or a 2V2 Battle to see Who can defeat one another. Note: If you God Mod or Post out of order I will Possibly Knock your character out for a post or two-- Resulting in a possible Defeat. I want Good, Epic Battles That contain no form of unfairness. Remember to go by the Stats System.)

    4. Survival Type (When 2-4 Contestants go against the Odds in 10-20 Epic Rounds of random combat, When Victorious in this Type it counts as winning 3 Tournament Matches.)

    5. --
    6. --

    Big Bob's Crystaline:

    This Shop is within the Walls of the Grand Arena, This is where you can choose your Weapon and Armor glow as well as your crest which goes on the back of your armor. Big Bob just wont give you a special armor or weapon glow, you have to earn it first by winning in the Many mini tournaments that go on all year round. The better fighter you are the rarer the glow on your weapon and armor. This glow to the armor can only be used on the Island and in the tournaments. The chart goes like so:

    White: The most Common sort of Crystal found on the island, Its very easy to obtain all over the Island.

    Beginners in the tournaments get this glow, it pretty much says it all. "Newbie"

    Light Blue:A more common Find in the Forests and Mines of the Island.

    Those who have won at least 5 matches can get this glow from bob.

    Dark Blue: This Is found deep in the forest or deeper into the mines where dangerous creatures roam.

    To gain this glow from Bob you must win at least 3 Tournaments.

    Green: Found in the caves under the island, not so easy to obtain and even harder to refine.

    Win at least 5 Tournaments in order to get this glow from Bob.

    Yellow: This Crystal is found even deeper underground than the Green Crystal. Its semi Easy to refine.

    In order to Gain this Color from Bob you must win at least 10 Tournaments.

    Orange: Rare, Not easy at all to find. Hard to refine.

    To Gain this color from Bob you must win at least 15 Tournaments.

    Red: You almost never find this type of crystal on the Island, There is a Special Way to refine this Crystal that only a few masters know.

    To gain this Beautiful red color from bob you must win 20 tournaments.

    Purple: No one knows how to get this kind of Crystal but legend says that is held around the Tree of Life hidden in the middle of the forest where a massive cave lies. They say the tree is at the caves deepest level and is guarded by great and powerful monsters.

    Only the Very Best of the Best May get this glow from Bob. (Win 25 Tournaments)

    Big "Crafty" Bob:

    Name: Big "Crafty" Bob
    Level: 1
    Type: Human
    Alignment: Neutral
    Appearance: --
    Description: Big Bob is the best at Making Both Crystalline Fused Weapons and Armor. He works for the Tournaments and always supplies the arena with glowing weapons and equipment. However, he is very strict when it comes to crystals and will never give someone rarer colors without them earning it first.  

    Skill Mastery:1
    Haki Level:1

    Abilities: Crystal Forge, Equipment Fusion.


    Tournament Colors:

    MW=Matches Won. ML: Matches Lost. TW=Tournaments Won

    - Azure D Snow (MW:0 ML:0 TW:0)
    - Leo D Morgan (MW:0 ML:0 TW:0)
    - Lazarus (MW:0 ML:0 TW:0)
    - Leon L.H. (MW:0 ML:0 TW:0)
    - Yedidiyah (MW:0 ML:0 TW:0)
    - Phoenix D Jack (MW:0 ML:0 TW:0)
    - White Fist Gray (MW:0 ML:0 TW:0)
    - Emi (MW:0 ML:0 TW:0)
    - Daimon (MW:0 ML:0 TW:0)
    Light Blue:
    Dark Blue:


    Weapon: Silver Light
    Weapon: Bright Nodachi
    Armor: Majestic Winter
    Primary Skill: Heaven's Nōdachi Style
    Secondary Skill: Gun Blade Style


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