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    Don't Let the Ship Sink!

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    Don't Let the Ship Sink!

    Post by Leon L.H. on Sun Mar 02, 2014 7:44 pm

    Task Name: Don't Let the Ship Sink! (Team 2)
    Task Rank: Lvl 1
    Boss Required?: No
    Location: Sea of Emanate Island
    Task Details:

    A "bounty hunter" name Miss White Day who was sent by Blue Bird to investigate on Heaven's Winter crew who took down Emelia followed them all the way from the auction house. (Jewel raid task) She is only to investigate the strength of Heaven's Winter crew. Her ship don't have any cannons but have speed. Miss White Day have one of top 100 fastest ship in the world. While Team one fight off the Tiger Fish brothers and the father, Team two will protect the ship from Miss White Day and her pirate crew. They will be attacking from the aft (rear) of the ship.


    Protect the ship from Miss White Day's pirate crew until Team one defeats the Tiger fish trios.

    Lvl 1 Miss White Day - She is a swordsman, hand knife specialist who likes to play with poison and bombs. (more of her ability will be in Jewel raid task)

    Lvl 1 Teddy Crocodile and Mr. Oogy Boogy. - Mr. Oogy Boogy AKA Mr. OB is a martial artist who likes to fight his enemies with his one and only partner Teddy Crocodile, who is also a martial artist.

    x10 Color Color Crew

    Team two will be consist of Leo, Lazarus and Yedi.

    For the sake of the task, I want Miss White Day's crew to aboard our ship. Please RP how they get to aboard it and start it from there. The reason why I want it is because team one will be fighting off fishy on the bow of the ship while team two will be fighting pirates on the aft of the ship. If we involve moving around our ship and all it will just cause confusion.


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