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    Emanate Island Ark: Part 1, Arrival

    Leon L.H.

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    Re: Emanate Island Ark: Part 1, Arrival

    Post by Leon L.H. on Tue Mar 18, 2014 6:48 am

    As Hexel got closer and closer he heard the woman standing next to Azure, introducing herself as Azure's aunt. Hexel slowed down his pace as he squeeze between the marines and got closer, and stopped in middle of marines and stood behind Azure. Hexel had unique skill that allowed him to blur out what others say unless it was important, and Hexel once again, didn't listen to what this lady was saying. All he heard was tournament and he got excited for it.

    "YEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS!!!!" yelled Hexel as he looked up in the sky.

    Marines that surrounded them now all looked towards Hexel. Hexel looked back down towards the lady standing next to Azure.

    "Oiiii we have to do this,, no questions asked! Sign us up LADY!!" yelled Hexel as he turned himself around, seeing Yedi, Gray, Laz as well as Jack all running towards where he was standing. Of course, he did noticed Leo with some lady and a man touching his face.


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    What's the worst thing that could happen?

    Post by Gray on Tue Mar 18, 2014 7:06 am

    Gray made his way through the crowd, to further understand what was happening. Out of no where, the men that were about to attack Azure, suddenly got bound by some strange black bindings that materialized outta no where. Gray tried to blend into the crowd, however his tall stature still made him stand out among the comparatively shorter bystanders. He listened carefully as Azure talked familiarly with the strange woman that had just walked in the middle of the scene. Apparently she was Azure's aunt. This woman gave a vibe that Gray hadn't experienced in a long time. She was strong, really strong.

    He tried to pay attention to the details, and realized that the streets were in fact crowded because of an event that was going to take place: a tournament. When the lady named him along with his epithet, he was shocked that she recognized him. "I only have a 5 million beli bounty, how could she know who I am?" He was certain he had never met or even heard of the lady before.

    Normally, Gray would've refused to go along with a thing such as a combat tournament, but the strong vibe that he got from the lady and the intimidating manner in which she treated the supposed Marines and Azure.. made him decide. "I wouldn't do this normally, but I'll go along just this once, cause you asked so nicely." He tried to make light of it to not make it seem like he was even the slightest bit curious or intimidated. Meanwhile, while a man in partial dragon form came to talk to lady, Gray recognized him from Azure's ship. He had never seen such a creature, and was intrigued to see such an interesting form. He also noticed Lazarus and Leon. It appeared as if they were all here for the tournament anyway. And now Gray was going to follow along to see where things would lead.


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    Off with the Snow's

    Post by Lazarus on Wed Mar 19, 2014 5:33 am

    Lazarus was alarmed that some of Stone's men were on the island. He didn't know what their goals were. He just knew that if they we're around, that spelt trouble. He a heard commotion, marines out of nowhere had surrounded Azure. He was about to warp in time, just when all the assailants were subdued. Lazarus warped next to Azure, unsure of the events that happened trying to get filled in. Just then he heard Hexel say something about the arena games.

    Lazarus: Captain.. Looks like it's time for us to show our stuff. 

    Lazarus knew what his crew was capable of. It had been the first time they collectively participated in games or sort of event together. He wondered how the chemistry would work out, seeing as all of them had completely different personalities. He also wondered about the loud mouth rookie and the famed pirate called "THE INFERNO".

    Crystal Caves - Rainbow Burrow

    Falcon: Why did I have to come to such a back water island huh? Xavier always sends us Jack's to do the dirty work.

    Rena: It's me that always has to baby sit you little Navy Upstarts you know... We aren't called the "Marine Privateers" for nothing. Much like the CP9, we are the hidden hand of the fleet admiral.


    Falcon: Oi, Gu-chi, tone it down.

    A rainbow colored stick man, dressed in an array of checkered designs and a white under shirt. It had a question mark on the mask that contained it's hollowed head and dropped the snail transponder on a nearby stone and then vanished into mid-air. Falcon picked up the snail phone.

    Falcon: What's the meaning of this Stone?

    Stone: I know better than to mess around on the Snow's turf but it sounded like fun. Before you are the illustrious Crystal Caves. Legend says the Snow's buried information on the location of an Ancient Weapon. Well one of the several keys needed- I want the key, bring it to me.

    Back on the Shores

    Lazarus anxiously awaited to follow Azure and the others to the arena.

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    Re: Emanate Island Ark: Part 1, Arrival

    Post by Daimon on Wed Mar 19, 2014 8:31 am

    Daimon was so impatient about the incoming tournament it was a shame. His speech back there alerted the entire island he was in the tournament and he heard the mumbles and whispers. All the other participants had bounties and were known except for him. This tournament was his chance to get his name out but it was taking too long.

    "Jeez, I need something to do!" He shouted as he continued to walk around looking for some type of sign that would direct him to where he had to be. As he marched through the town, he noticed some nasty stares he was receiving and it only made him happier. "Yes, the people hate me, that means a larger bounty." He mumbled under his breath as he started to walk with a strut.

    "Yeah, that's right its me. Daimon. The Chilling Wink. I'm going to show you people I mean business." He said as he walked past more people. "I will become your pirate king." He said, with the volume that only people near him could hear. His cocky attitude was leaking out now. His strut and his talk could only be topped by his performance in the tournament later. "I can't wait!"
    Phoenix D. Jack

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    Re: Emanate Island Ark: Part 1, Arrival

    Post by Phoenix D. Jack on Wed Mar 19, 2014 6:14 pm

    Jack watched carefully, to be honnest the details of the conversation wasn't the reason why he was standing there, it was more in case something would be comming out of this then he'd step in. That said it was definetly an interesting thing to find out the Island was owned by none other than a relative of Azure's. not that he cared much for relatives, the meaning of such a term meant little to him, as he had none. None that he knew of atleast. He quickly noticed people had seemed to gather around at this point, then again when the owner of a place shows up its usually a big deal, same with Yonko's going to the islands they own, always a big deal.

    His eyes widened quite a alot, when she refered to him as the captain of the Gallants it wasn't like his crew was that famous, he might be but it was nice to hear, he hoped it'd be a more common thing at some point. Well for now he'd settle for how it was, sadly he also heard that the games would start soon, so well it wasn't exactly time to grab a dinner or something, well thats that, he moved delicately by a store, selling bread grabbing one on the way, now walking with an apple in one hand and bread in the other, not exactly a feast but more than enough to keep him sated for a while. He finnishes the apple soon, burning the remains away. While walking up catching up to Azure. "Well now that was quite some ehh... aunt, sister..? cousin..?" He wondered for a moment heating up the bread lightly before breaking off something to eat. It didn't really matter what she was to be honnest, she was interesting none the less, being the ruler of an Island never really held much interest to him, but the people rulling them, they were always an interesting bunch. "Is she always this... bossy?" He looked to Azure not really sure if Azure was even having the mindset to answer these things, if not then he'd simply ask at another time.

    He took a glance around, the commosion surely had caused quite something, now everyone seemed to be going to the arena or whereever this thing would be held, Jack wasn't the best at information, he simply took things as they went, especially these kind of things, he felt confident though, he knew things would be dangerous, most likely life threatening, but then again, being a pirate meant accepting that as an everyday thing. You cast away your rights as a citizen the moment you accept being a pirate, and thats even if you do good as a pirate. But really, what you're buying is freedom, so Jack atleast didn't mind it at all.


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    Re: Emanate Island Ark: Part 1, Arrival

    Post by Yedidiyah on Wed Mar 19, 2014 9:42 pm

    Yedidiyah was taken back that the woman ignored him. He laughed it off however, when she mentioned his name."Hmph" Yedidiyah in a low under tone where no one could hear. He had his eyes closed and his arms crossed still in his hybrid form as he pondered for a few seconds."Yup...Definitely sexier now that she is Azure's aunt. I gotta get that." Yedidiyah said with a devilish grin underneath his face wrap. He began to ascend back into the air, as he saw the few of his crew mate's following Azure and her aunt. Before he turn to follow them, he could feel the cold aura of a man who walked by shouting to himself about a bunch of nonsense. Yedidiyah almost decided not to say anything to him, until he mention a load of shit right in his face.

    "I will become your pirate king." Comes a final taunt from the man wondering around like an aimless ass."Oi Oi! Spreading lies such as that , can lead to you becoming a Dead pirate. With no crown, and no throne." Yedidiyah points towards the man taunting him back, as he was steady flying 7 meters above the crowd of on lookers. He put an extra emphasis on the dead, as to make sure to get him immediate point across."There will only be one pirate king, and her ass just got dragged off by her aunt's sexy ass! Hmph"Yedidiyah said as he unsheathed Yakumo instinctively. Then as if he had reminded himself of what just took place, he quickly sheathed his sword and flew away from the man in a quick fashion to follow behind his crew. He of course made sure to give the man a nasty disgusting horrific sneering face before he departed.

    The people have spoken. . .

    . . .Yedidiyah Responded
    Leo D Morgan
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    Re: Emanate Island Ark: Part 1, Arrival

    Post by Leo D Morgan on Wed Mar 19, 2014 11:01 pm

    "YOUR CAPTAIN IS A SNOW!" Jen said loudly. "Uhh ya I guess whats the big deal?" Leo asked. Jen continued, "The owner of this island is Evelyn Snow. She runs everything on this island." Leo answered, "Oh shit really? Wow so that must be Snow's.... cousin no wait it's her aunt. She mentioned her a few time." Leo knew about most of Snow's family, although he had never actually meet any of them. He knew a lot about them, because Snow would tell him stories about her family constantly in the marines. Leo said, "Well, good to know Snow aunt is alive."

    Then the Doctor entered. "Excuse me, so what are you here for. I was helping another patient and forgot." "Oh no worries I need you to drill screws into my jaw. My jaw gets broken a lot and I need it to stay connected better." Leo said without hesitation. The Doctor said reluctantly, "Uhh ok then. Just a lay down and give me a few minutes." "Sounds good" Leo said. The Doctor left the room but was back in less than 5 minutes. He came in with a bag of screws, a drill and a large shot with some liquid in it. Jen asked, "Is this going to be painful?" as she sat in the corner of the room. The doctor said, "Yes, A lot but with this shot. No, it wont." The doctor picked up the shot and injected it into Leo's lower jaw. Instantly Leo bottom jaw was numb. "This will dull the pain for now." The doctor said as he continued the surgery. He picked up the drill and made two hole on both sides of Leo's jaw. "Now whenever a bolt break's take one of these bolt's screw it into the side here. Then take the nut and put it on the inside to hold the screw in place." The doctor did both in a matter of a few minutes. He sat Leo up and handed the bag to him. "Now let's talk payment." The doctor said. Leo's face grew red. He had left all his beli on the ship.

    Leo pulled out his flask and took a swig. "Well you see. How much is it going to cost?" Leo asked as he put the flask away. The doctor began to say, "Well about 20,000 Beli and if you cant pay it we have a prob..." As the man was about to finish black glowing chain's arose from the ground. Leo was confused but tried to remain calm. "Uhh whats happening? Is this what happens if you cant pay." Leo exclaimed. The chains quickly wrapped them selves around Leo arms and legs. He was annoyed and worried at this point. Both Jen and the Doctor were wide eyed. Jen said, "No that's not the Hospital. That's Snow." "What?" Leo said. The doctor said in slow low voice, "YOU'VE BEEN SUMMONED." Leo began to shake slightly. Jen said, "Good-bye Leo. I hope you do well. I will be watching. Meet me here after if you can!" Just then Leo disappeared into thin air. The doctor cried, "WAIT I DIDN'T GET PAID!!" Jen smiled and said, "Well, I'm off to the tournament to see his power. I hope he survives. I kinda like him."

    Leo appeared out of no where right next to Snow who was also in the same chains as him. Luckily he held tight to the bag of bolts just encase and stuffed them into his other pocket. Leo was confused as all hell. He looked around and could see everyone following behind him and Snow. He asked Snow, "Uh what the HELL. Wha.. Wha.. What happened? Where are we Snow?"

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    Re: Emanate Island Ark: Part 1, Arrival

    Post by Azure Snow on Wed Mar 19, 2014 11:58 pm

    Azure was glad that everyone had accepted her aunts invite. She answered Jacks Questions as they walked. "Oh! She is my aunt.. Im not sure if she is this bossy all the time though. I only knew her for a little bit, After my mom died.." Azure wasn't sad at all because she knew her mother fought bravely as a marine, or at least, she had thought. Back in Arlong Park the men had said that her mother was working with Pretty panther. Azure wondered about this quite a lot and wanted to know more on the matter. "Evelyn!.. Ive been wondering About my mother." Evelyn Turned back and stopped. "..Your Mother? What do you want to know?" She looked a little uneasy. Azure put her hand on her neck. "Well.. I found out that she might have been working with Pretty Panther.. Was she really a corrupt Marine?" Evelyn looked at her Black Gloved hand. "..Yeah. She sold her crew out.. She might not even be dead.. Rumors were that she made a deal with Pretty panther and when her crew figured it out they went against her.. of course, the ones that survived were sparred to tell the government she was dead and to take Silver Light back to the family.." Evelyn Swung around to began to walk once more with a frown on her face.

    "Captain.. Looks like it's time for us to show our stuff." Laz said as he had suddenly warped next to her. "HA! yeah, we will get to show the world what we can do!" Azure said happily. Azure then began to think about if her mother was alive and if she was still working for pretty panther.. If she was then maybe they would run into each other one day. She soon shook it all off When Daimon walked pass Evelyn. "Errr." Evelyn looked down at the boy who had been shouting about being the next pirate king. She looked at him oddly and then Pointed his finger at him. "...You want to be the King eh? ..Then you will have to survive the games!" She binded him quickly with her black Magic and sent him straight forward towards the Building which held the Games. "The games will begin soon.. All we need now is Leo.." She smiled.

    Directing her attention over to Yed who had almost attacked Daimon. "Hehe.. Yakumo eh? Looks like The three Legendary Katana have been brought together.." If it was anyone who was going to notice the First Master of the Heaven's Style's Third Katana then it would have been Evelyn. She also Noticed Midnight Rush on the waist of Hexel but simply just watched him for the time being. She had been looking for Midnight Rush for what seemed like a lifetime but had never come across it, Of course she heard all the rumors on where it was but she never found the rumors very valuable. Out of no where Leo suddenly appeared with black Bindings next to Azure. "Uh what the HELL. Wha.. Wha.. What happened? Where are we Snow?" Leo exclaimed with a confused look on his face. Evelyn Assumed Leo was speaking to her and answered him back quickly "You have been chosen to participate in the Arena Games.. May the Games Begin."


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    Re: Emanate Island Ark: Part 1, Arrival

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