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    Plasma Body Boxing [WIP]

    Leo D Morgan
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    Plasma Body Boxing [WIP]

    Post by Leo D Morgan on Sun Mar 09, 2014 9:25 pm

    Secondary Skill

    Plasma Body Boxing

    Skill Name: Plasma Body Boxing
    Skill Type: Melee
    Skill Information: Body Boxing is a Fighting style that uses All the limbs of the body, This fighting style is used among top fighters in the world. However, The user of this certain style has modified it in order to work with the Plasma Plasma Fruit. The user amplified their abilities by surrounding their body parts in Plasma to Attack and Defend. This style can be very useful in tight situations and tough fights Making it a huge help against other devil fruit users and strong Foes.

    Skill Strengths:

    -Very versatile and handy in a brawl.

    -Good guard and protection from punching techniques to Kicking techniques.

    -Relies greatly on The endurance and Strength of the body.

    Skill Weaknesses:

    -Kicks are harder to defend against.

    -Any elemental protection can block the users boxing style.

    -Weapons can block it if they are fast enough.

    -Useless against ranged enemy's.

    Secondary Skill Techs. 1:

    Ability Lvl 1 Name: Haymaker
    Ability Lvl 1 Type: Melee
    Ability Lvl 1 Cooldown: Every 2 posts
    Ability Lvl 1 Description: The user brings the left or right arm back and bring it forward in a hooking motion, but with a bigger extension. Putting all your weight behind the punch.

    Ability Lvl 1 Strengths:

    -Can do massive damage to opponent if landed.

    -Can be thrown with both right and left fists.

    Ability Lvl 1 Weaknesses:

    -Very easy to dodge.

    -Leaves user unable to block or dodge.

    -Leaves the user unbalanced.

    Ability Lvl 1 Name:Bolo Punch
    Ability Lvl 1 Type:Melee
    Ability Lvl 1 Cooldown:Every 2 posts
    Ability Lvl 1 Description: The punch is an outside upper cut with either fist. while the one hand is throwing the punch the other hand is faking a straight or jab punch from the opposite hand.
    Ability Lvl 1 Strengths:

    -Very hard to see coming.

    -Knocks the opponent to the ground.

    Ability Lvl 1 Weaknesses:

    -If seen coming can easily be dodged.

    -Leave the user open in the chest and face.

    -If not preformed correctly can be countered with ease.

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