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    Crime Lord (Part 1)

    Zerina Zayne

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    Crime Lord (Part 1)

    Post by Zerina Zayne on Sat Mar 15, 2014 6:38 pm

    Task Name: Crime Lord (Part 1 of 3)
    Task Rank: Rank 1
    Boss Required?: No
    Location: Water 7 & Sea Trains
    Task Details: This Grand Island is known for its ship building and magnificent craftsmen ship, however, Not many know about the Crime Lords that dwell within the shadows. These Lords have been causing trouble for quite some time to the many people who live on the island. This is Part One of Three, Find out about the crime lords whereabouts by tracking the 4 Black Market Dealers on the streets and prying information out of them. These men and women are not easy to find and are very well guarded. Some may not even hold the information that you wish to have but each Dealer is essential in their own way. All four dealers must be interrogated and their body guards must be disposed of by either killing them or simply knocking them out. Once you have the Information you can then go on to Part Two.

    X4 Black Market Dealers:
    These Sly gentlemen and Ladies are without a doubt the sneakiest Dealers in the streets and will sell to anyone willing to buy, for a large fee of course. They wear the best trench coats and carry specialty weapons that would make your eye twitch.

    X24 Body Guards:
    Equipped with simple weapons such as Clubs, Swords and Brass knuckles. They wear fancy suits and shades to symbolize their importance. Each Dealer has 6 Body guards.

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