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    Akiko Family Tree [W.I.P.]

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    Akiko Family Tree [W.I.P.]

    Post by Storm Runner on Sat Apr 19, 2014 3:21 am

    The Akiko family tree consists of people who shook the world in one way or another during their time through a daring raid as infamous pirates, heroic deeds as Marines or standing against the world as a defiant Revolutionary Army  though their recorded history only dates back three generations all that is known that as a family tradition each member of the family must earn the title D that goes in their name through their actions they make from the age of 16. The current record for earliest earing the title D in their name was Akiko D. Jack who earned it at the age of 20.


    First Generation

    The Skywalker: Akiko D. Izanagi

    Izanagi was a Shandian warrior in the fight against the Skypians when their home land was blasted into the sky. Apart from that little is known about him, as he appeared walking on a clouds that came out of his staff over the ocean and when he was picked up by a passing merchant ship he claimed he was out on a scouting mission but had seemed to have gotten lost after falling asleep on his boat which he didn't seem to notice was missing, in his later years after exploring the Blue Sea he settled down and had one son. After he died his arrival into the blue sea became a legend just as the existence of Skypia, though in his will that he wrote that he hid a number scroll of containing fighting techniques which developed during his travel by combining the best of the fighting styles of the White Sea and the Blue Sea, his staff, a ceremonial knife and even the Ryūshi-Ryūshi no mi (Particle-Particle Devil Fruit) in different locations in the world.

    • Angel Hand Scroll (Martial Arts technique Scroll)
    • God Spear Scroll (Spear/Staff Combat technique Scroll)
    • Tempest Silver Scroll (Blade Combat technique Scroll)
    • Ryūshi-Ryūshi no mi
    • The Izanagi Staff
    • Little Talon (ceremonial knife)


    Second Generation

    The Lead Typhoon: Akiko D. King

    He was the only son of Akiko D. Izanagi and Second Mate to an infamous pirate crew and was known for raining a storm of bullets on any marine who laid eyes on him when he fought with his crew leaving him bounty less. The crew he was in was called Crimson Fist Pirates whose captain raised a bounty of 700,000,000 Beli in their time. Upon meet the woman he would end up marrying he left the life of a Pirate to raise his family without fear of being hunted down by the Marines he ended up having a two daughters and joined the Marines to prevent her from becoming a pirate to spare her the dangers he faced out on the Grandline. His one of his daughters eventually became one of the Seven Shichibukai (Warlords of the Sea) but was later executed which cased him to resign and to join the Revolutionary Army where he soon raised to be a Revolutionary Commander putting him in the World Government's most wanted with a bounty of 200,000,000 Beli. His other daughter joined the Marines like her father and obtained the rank of Vice Admiral and now considers any member of her family that isn't a normal citizen or marine a disgrace.

    • Bullet Boxing (Martial Art developed from Angel Hand which he learned from his father but unable to master)
    • Lead Tempest (Gatling gun)
    • King Star (Gun style/signature bullets)


    third generation

    The Silver Siren: Akiko D. Akemi

    Akemi was the elder sister to Vice Admiral Akiko D. Tenshi daughter of Akiko D. King, the biological mother of Akio D. Jack, Fūjin, Diana and lover to Kurosawa Strider who she met after she earned her title as D after becoming a one of the seven Shichibukai or also known as the warlord of the sea. She earned two titles during her life as a pirate (which her father disapproved of until she became a Shichibukai) which were "The Sliver Siren" and "Venus of the Seas". She earned the title The Silver Siren from her infamous singing that lured weak willed sailors to sail to her ship while putting them in a trance and plundered their ship stealing all food, fresh water and loot. She earned her title "Venus of the Seas" by seducing men and woman and tricking them into doing what she wanted with certain promises in return bye using her speech and beauty. The only person who was never effected by her wiles was Kurosawa Strider who she later fell in love with and had three children with. While she was a Shichibukai she often defied orders and help pirates by granting them safe passage in her waters. This lead up to her execution which trigged events and changes through out her own family but before she died she left her children with Strider so they would not be charged for her sins.

    • Siren's speech (a form of hypnotism that is made up of speech. it allows her to control those with a weak will making her do what ever she wishes)
    • Aphrodite's Mist (a powerful gas based hallucinogenic/aphrodisiac poison made form the Venus Man-Trap flower that lures humans into it before slowly consuming it similar to the Venus Fly-Trap. she has stored in breath dials and smoke bombs.)
    • Mist antidote (an antidote for the poison in Akemi's Aphrodite's Mist in the forum of a pill, continuous consumption will lead to an immunity to the poison.)
    • Red-silver Cutter (A cross between a scimitar and rapier sword that resembles half of a pair of scissors. it was completely red in color but left a silver wound mark on its victims or whatever it cut. Akemi claims it could cut the threads that connected people by faith.)
    • Eros' Arrow (an oversized flintlock pistol that doubled as a smoke bomb launcher. it's bullets were made out of a crystal that shattered upon contact.)

    The Angel of Justice: Vice Admiral Akiko D. Tenshi

    The Dark Champion: Akiko D. Strider

    Strider was the biological father of Akio D. Jack, Fūjin, Diana and lover to Akiko D. Akemi. He is the youngest brother to Kurosawa Ryu and Dionysus Kurosawa. He joined the navy once of age following in the foot steps of his brothers before himself, he quickly excelled in hand to hand combat under the teachings of Akio D. King and became one of the main fighters of the Marines and it was rumoured that he rejected the offer to join a CP unit like his brother Ryu was.
    He later gained his own ship at the rank of a Rear Admiral, thus began his numerous run-ins with the notorious "Venus of the Seas" Akio D. Akemi, they grew to respect each other during their numerous battle which flourished into something more, they then began to meet in secret when Strider was off duty. when Akemi became one of the seven Shichibukai he volunteered to be the Navy's personal watchdog on Akemi what lead to them traveling together and her and her crew "giving him the slip" every now and then on his travels with her he even found the Ryūshi-Ryūshi no mi. He began to doubt the law when he was reunited with his brother Ryu when their paths crossed as he witnessed his brother killing a bystander who had saw Ryu do something in the name of justice. Akemi was sentenced to death after Ryu turned her in as a traitor to the world. Strider and his crew raided the execution killing and wounding hundreds of marine soldiers in the process while at the same time losing his right arm.
    He later joined the Revolutionary army after discovering that Akio D. King, mentor and father to his lover and grandfather to his children that he had with Akemi had joined. The eldest son Jack stayed with Dionysus who had left the Marines a year after joining them and became a pirate, King brought Diana to his last remaining daughter Tenshi who brought her too Amazon Lily and lastly he brought the new born Fūjin to The "Holy Amethyst" William D Snow to be raised as a marine. Now a days Strider has changed his sure name to Akio in memory of the love he lost, and King bestowed the title D. in his name for his efforts at Akemi's execution.

    The Glass Cannon Dragon: Agent Kurosawa Ryu

    The Drunken Demon: Kurosawa Dionysus (Dio)


    fourth generation

    The Living Winter Jack Frost: Akiko D. Jack

    Jack is the biological older brother of Fūjin and is the record holder of the Akiko Family to earn the title D. in his name at the youngest age of 20 by finding the God Spear Scroll  the Spear/Staff Combat technique Scroll left behind and hidden by Akiko D. Izanagi. Though that alone would have gave him the title he went one step over board and by freezing a Marine ship in the middle of the ocean tanks to his Fuyu Fuyu No Mi (Winter Winter Model: Frost) a logia Devil Fruit that allows him to turn into, produce and control frost which can be turned into an ice or snow like substance if he wills by rapidly layering and compressing the frost it too allowing him to freeze water and brings winter with him wherever he goes.

    • Fuyu-Fuyu No Mi (Winter-Winter Fruit Model: Frost)
    • God Spear Style
    • Winter's Root (Staff seen in picture)


    The Crimson Sure-Shot: Akiko Diana

    Diana is the older sister of Fūjin, unlike her brothers she doesn't have a Devil Fruit and is training in the way of Haki as a champion on Amazon Lily and under the Kuja tribe. She was left there after convincing her Aunt and Father (before he left the Marines) to send her there for training instead of the normal Marine training camps. She has been living and training there for five years. After discovering her mother had been executed and hearing her father and grandfather had left the marines, she began to question the marines and wondered if she should run and join here brother in a pirates life or avenge her mother by joining the Revolutionary Army. At this point if time she is still on Amazon Lily training.

    • Snake Bow
    • Snake Shot (unique fighting style for snake bow which involves imbuing Busoshoku Haki into the arrows to increase their destructive powers, being able to pierce through trees and rocks with ease.

    The Human Upgrade: Kurosawa Heppi (Hephaestus)

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