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    Dr. Lysander Jackel's doctor's kit.

    Xion Cromwell

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    Dr. Lysander Jackel's doctor's kit.

    Post by Xion Cromwell on Wed Apr 23, 2014 2:36 am

    Equipment Name: Doctor's supplies.
    Equipment Level: Level 1.
    Equipment Type: Accessory?
    Equipment Description: He has all the doctor equipment needed for onsite medical aid for several patients. His source of weaponry is having many more razor sharp scalpels than needed to serve has close combat weapons and projectiles.
    Equipment Significance: Most of it is meant to heal, the surplus of scalpels is meant not only to help heal but to serve as a weapon.
    Equipment Strength: To heal. His favored scalpel approach serves as a easy fix for close, mid and long range weapons. In this case, quantity rather than sheer quality.
    Equipment Weaknesses: It is meant to heal, all of it. Not intended for combat.
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    Re: Dr. Lysander Jackel's doctor's kit.

    Post by Storm Runner on Tue Apr 29, 2014 2:24 am

    okay hiya Stormy the trial mod here. Okay before I get approving/disapproving I would like you to state what is in the kit in list form and how big the kit is and what does it look like because I am just assuming it is in a box or bag at the moment .

    Also if you wished to register a tool from the kit so it could be used as a weapon such as a scalpel for example you need to register that separately.

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