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    Sekai Shenshi


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    Sekai Shenshi

    Post by xEmmaStarLoverx on Sat May 10, 2014 4:36 am

    Sekai Shenshi

    Name: Sekai | Shenshi
    Epithet: Shi
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human
    Sexuality: Bi

    Affiliation: Pirate
    Occupation: Fighter

    Appearance: Shi has lightly tan skin and midnight blue eyes. She has high cheek bones and a defined jawline. Her hair is bright orange that brings out her blue eyes. Her body overall is very muscular. Her mid-section is a 6 pack of muscle that she got form working out. She is very muscular in the legs and arms aswell but not as much as a grown man. She wears a tan hankerchief on her head that covers the entire top. Her top is a tan bra covered by a short green shirt that hangs open. Her bottoms are a green skin-tight skirt. Her boots are brown leather that go to her knees and her socks fold over the top.

    Hair Color: Orange
    Skin Tone: Medium Tan
    Height: 5'4
    Weight: 120


    Personality: Shi is a very optimistic person and believes that everyone can capture their dream as long as the prosper for it. She is a confident individual and though having her up and downs she wants to live life for what it is. She wants to experience life fully and travel around before it ends, she wants to make a difference. She is someone who also has a bad temper. She throws a temper-tantrum whenever she is mad. Her face turns dark red, she clenches her hands, and shoots off like a rocket. Even though she seems nice she had her downs, she HATES people who half-but things and doesn't finish them off, Disrespectful people, and most of all, Annoying people who want to talk FOREVER about something. She loves to have things in order, she is a huge OCD person about orginization, she loves to have friends who she can go to and talk to and wont tell her secrets. Then she loves when she can  have free time and read peacefully. She is motivated by her goal to make the world a nice place. She is terribly afraid of little kids, she finds them crazy. Dolls, they freak the crap out of her. Bugs, her mortal enemy. She loves Mochis.


    • Things in order
    • Real Friends
    • Time to read
    • Non-Annoying People
    • Mochis


    • Annoying People
    • Half-Arsers
    • Disrespectful People
    • People who talk forever about 1 thing


    • Become Pirate King
    • Make the world a better place


    • Bugs
    • Dolls
    • Kids

    Behavior/Habits: Something that Shi does is that she is always twirling her hair around her finger. She also loves to cross her legs together sometimes. She twirls her hair because it is something she always saw her mom doing and she picked it up. She crosses her legs because it what she used to do when she needed to use the restroom when she was  little, (Which was always), and it stuck with her. She also bites her lip and... takes her outer shirt off sometimes. She just does this sub-conciously and for no reason, she might be walking and the next thing you know she is holding her outer shirt. (P.S: I was going to do all of her clothes but thought it as coping Gray)

    Shi was born in Dream Island to Dhemar and Gabrille. Dhemar and Gabrille were notorius pirates, ex, that is. They went around the world and hunted for the treasure in harsh ways of killing. When they had the baby they had they had to give up that. Dhemar was almost going to make Gabrille get an abortion but Gabrille said that their kid could take on their life.. Ofcourse as she grew Shi was taken into the life of piracy and death. She saw much of it when she was young and didn't like it, she didn't need to know what it was to understand she didn't like it. Dhemar and Gabrille were getting distressed because of their older age and how much SHi was resisting their evil ways. Dhemar had tried to kill Shi but, for some reason Shis' 'Uncle' Oboro had came to visit. He instantly killed both of Shis' parents without a thought. He thought Shi was going to be mad but she thanked him. She asked to join him on his way to become a good pirate. Oboro agreed and they set out. 46 year old Oboro and 8 year old Shi.

    Over 4 years Shi trained in the ways of a a fighter. She was taught many things about how to fight in hand-to-hand combat, with weapons, all of it. But she choose to specialize in the ways of knife fighting. Oboro was also a specialist in this so he taught Oboro the ways of knife fighting. By the time she was 11 she could take a grown man out with one knife to the head. Still she perserved and as she perservered she grew and travled. She went across many lands and saw many people, all with different abilities that made them special. She also came across one big problem, peace, wherever she went their was always violence and theifs and bad things. If was one incident that made her the way she was. She and Oboro decided to pay Dream Island a visit after 2 years. It turns out that many people were scared of them because they thought they were part of a crew of pirates trying to take over the town. Oboro and her found these pirates as they were about to execute innocent people. In that moment she deicded she would become the pirate king and make the world a better place. But that thought was also a deadly one. Oboro had decided to attack the captain head on and got stabbed in the heart. The pirate had not even a split second to talk before a knife came hurttiling at the middle of his eyes. It got him right between the eyes for an instant death.

    After Oboros' death Shi was put into dread. She remembered what he had said, "If we don't die, who shall take our place?" "Live long and Prosper." These words were her motto as she set out to become the Pirate King for Peace.
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    Re: Sekai Shenshi

    Post by Storm Runner on Sat May 10, 2014 1:45 pm

    Man I really like this character if I didn't have a full crew I would have offered you to join XD, you could have done the Gray thing I don't think anybody would have cared. But enough of my rambling


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