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    Character Race Information


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    Official Topics Character Race Information

    Post by Admin on Sat Apr 06, 2013 12:18 pm

    Character Race Information

    There are 3 main races as they are the most dominate and common races in the One Piece world. However, having certain devil fruit abilities as giants or fishmen would be unrealistic such as having a magma logia as a giant. Races are also used to categorize characters, so power in terms of races aren't determined by race. (This does not mean that a human cannot beat a giant in physical combat)


    Humans, the dominate race of the world. They are far more common than any other race. Humans are smaller than giants and fishmen, however some humans can be near giant sized. With training humans can reach superhuman levels, they have wide range of attacks, abilities, skills, allowing them to be much more versatile fighters. Humans are also known to be intellectually capable of many tasks. To make up for their physical weakness, many humans seek devil fruits to gain supernatural powers. Which in return will grant them exceedingly powerful skills.

    Only race allowed to use Rokushiki


    Originated from Fishman Island, Fishmen look like a cross between a fish and a man. They can have features of crabs, sharks, whales, eels, lobsters, squids, etc. While also having a humanoid structure. Size may differ from a human size fishman to almost giant sized fishmen. They are stronger in water. The only issue is that fishmen are still effected by weaknesses of devil fruits. They have the power to communicate with sea creatures such as sharks, whales, and even kelp - all except for sea king. Lastly, fishmen are prejudice against humans as they were previously treated as inferior races.

    Speed: +10 in Water
    Endurance: +10 in Water
    Finesse: +10 in Water
    Strength: +10 in Water
    Reflex: +20 in Water


    Giants are superior than any other race in terms of size. Certain giants such as Oars are much larger in comparison than average giants - however they are now extinct. They are known to be deadly warriors and guards for the marine. They have also been known to be lethal pirates. Giants are known to be barbaric - however not all giants are. Giants also have a far longer lifespan as 50 years for them would be nothing. They can not eat Devil Fruit. They can not exceed 325 meters tall.

    Endurance: +30
    Strength: +20

    A Cyborg  is a human or other life form that has been modified with machinery and metal for better functioning. These mechanical enhancements can include cybernetic replacements for missing organs or body parts, metal skin for extra protection, and weapons installed somewhere in the body. -Can not have Devil Fruit-

    Intelligence: +20
    Endurance: +10

    Winged people are of the Birkin, shandian, and Skypian. They are named this for the small wings on their back that truly have yet to serve any purpose and are more for show and to classify them than to actually have a true purpose. They are a proud people that usually come from an island above the grand line called skypiea. They are very close and size and wing length so they are hard to tell apart other then maybe by their skin tone and how the Shadian have tattoos on their body most of the time and their wings have more feather and are longer just small details like this can set them apart.

    All Stats: +3

    *Animal Note: In order to be this race you must also have a Zoan Fruit as your primary skill
    Animals are creatures that you can be and depending on what you choose you can be a reindeer like Chopper or a lion. Different animals have different features and you can be any animal besides any water related animal such as a fish or a whale.

    Speed: +10
    Reflex: + 10
    Strength: + 10

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