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    Ruhm (WIP - Hiatus)


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    Ruhm (WIP - Hiatus)

    Post by Johann on Wed May 21, 2014 10:44 am

    Length: 4.84 feet
    Weight: 29.76 lbs (13.5 KG)
    Barrel: 3.4 feet
    Caliber: 7.62mm
    Equipment Level: Divine
    Equipment Type: Machine Gun

    Equipment Description

    The Ruhm is a long machine gun with a bit more elaborate design than ordinary guns. The coloring scheme is comprised mainly of crimson red and golden yellow with black coloring on the barrel and muzzle.

    Equipment Significance

    Johan took this gun from the nobleman who imprisoned him and has used it since as his main mid-range weapon in combat. He had experience shooting rifles before and the machine gun felt perfect in his hands.

    Equipment Strengths & Weaknesses

    Equipment Strength
    The Ruhm combines the fire rate of a machine gun with the accuracy of a sniper rifle, making it a fearsome weapon at mid to close range. It employs a different mechanism from the flintlock and has a very rare & unique dial embedded inside of it.

    Bloom Dial √ The Bloom Dial is a legendary seashell dial that normally only reside in the Sky Islands. Heralded as only part of a myth, it is a one-of-a-kind dial and partly what makes the Ruhm so fearsome. The dial continuously emits a small magnetic vibration that repulse all forms of metal, such as cannonballs and bullets, rendering regular projectiles ineffective.

    Equipment Weaknesses

    Bloom Dial √  makes

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