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    Axilmeus Steel (Finished)

    Axilmeus Steel

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    Axilmeus Steel (Finished)

    Post by Axilmeus Steel on Sun May 25, 2014 10:10 pm

    Name: Axilmeus Steel
    Epithet: Untouchable
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Sexuality: Straight

    Affiliation: Revolutionist
    Occupation: Scientist

    Hair Color: Light Brown
    Skin Tone: Pale
    Height: 6'2''
    Weight: 160 lbs.

    Personality: Axilmeus is a prankster to say the least. The only people he has any respect for are his superiors in the revolutionary army, and he even will act immature around them from time to time. He isn't necessarily cruel, but he is far from honorable in battle. He enjoys watching people struggle, and in fact finds it hilarious. He wouldn't make anyone suffer however, so if someone who's struggling begins to cry or show signs of sadness, he'll pity them and help out any way he can. He is extremely knowledgeable and adaptable, and could be considered by some to be a genius. He holds a surprising amount of darkness in his heart, due to his friends and family being killed only a few years from his joining of the revolutionaries. He can hold grudges until they are settled, which often involves him killing people, something which he isn't afraid to do.
    -Learning, as it is an easy and useful thing for him to do

    -Swords, as he considers them a weapon of great skill and finesse

    -Playing pranks, because the reactions he gets are just too rich

    -Unjustified arrogance, because if you're strong you're strong, if you're weak you're weak

    -Guns, as he thinks them clumsy and believes they take little skill to use

    -Marines and Pirates, as they both were causes of the destruction of his village

    -He wishes to climb the ranks of the Revolutionaries and become a notable figure around the world

    -He also wants to help his fellow Revolutionaries achieve any of their goals

    -Death, because there's so much to see before he leaves this world

    -Having the Revolution abolished, as it is his passion

    Behavior/Habits: The first thing one may notice about Axil is his odd laugh. Spelled phonetically it is something like: "Fweshesheshe." He enjoys playing pranks, and may even set up pranks during important events just for fun. Around less intelligent enemies he'll tell them riddles just to toy with them. Otherwise he will mess with their heads in other ways, such as holding something out of their reach, or, if applicable, telling them secret information he's gathered about them. While fighting he relies on speed and strategy, and can use swords to an extent. When a fight gets serious, so does he, and he can be an extremely helpful ally.

    History: He was raised in the North Blue, on a small island. It was monitored by the marines to keep the islanders safe. Axil's mother was a seamstress, and she made clothes for the boy in all different sizes, so he would always have clothes when he grew. The father of the boy was a treasure hunter, who would often bring back trinkets for his son to play with. They were a happy family of three. One day, however, when Axil was 14 years old, a ship was seen in the distance, displaying a large black flag with a skull design printed on it. The villagers payed no attention as they expected the marines to deal with them, but the cowardly marines had snuck away in an attempt to save themselves. The pirates raided the village, razing it to the ground, and leaving nothing but smoke and ashes. The only survivor was Axil, who's father had hid him beneath a blanket in a boat and set him off to sea.

    The boat drifted around from island to island, with Axil growing stronger and stronger. He hated pirates for destroying his village, and hated marines for abandoning them. Hearing of a third faction, the revolutionaries, he decided that he may gain allies there. Then came the fateful night. Axil ran into a man who bore the tattoo of the jolly roger of the pirates who destroyed his village. Without warning, the man was beheaded. That man happened to be the strongest member of his crew, and a wielder of a mysterious power which Axil then stole. The boy snuck on the ship, and massacred the crew using his newfound power. This crew may have turned out to be small fry in the world of pirates, but the slaying satisfied the boy's thirst for revenge. He then set off on their boat for the base of the Revolutionaries.
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    Re: Axilmeus Steel (Finished)

    Post by Storm Runner on Sun May 25, 2014 10:36 pm


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