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    Cyborg Crime


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    Cyborg Crime

    Post by CyborgCrime on Fri May 30, 2014 11:49 am

    Name: Cyborg Crime Version-26
    Epithet: Cyborg Criminal
    Age: 110 year
    Gender: Male
    Race: Cyborg
    Sexuality: Asexual

    Affiliation: Pirate
    Occupation: Navigator

    Appearance: CyborgCrime has huge and tall body. His whole body has been upgraded with metal scrap and weaponry and wrapped with leather coat. He has half round shaped head and it covered by weird white cloth. His eyes also upgraded with machinery and changed to some kind of goggle with infra red capabilities. His breathing system has been changed to some kind of filter tubes. Both of his hand made of machine gun that able to shoot bullets with amazing speed. His legs also upgraded with some kind of boosting system for better movement in battle.
    Hair Color: No hair
    Skin Tone: No skin
    Height: 6.5 ft
    Weight: 660 lbs

    Personality: All Cyborg Crime was made for battle purpose and following order of its owner. Even though it used to be human, almost all of its human part has been changed to machinery. It powered by steam that pumped using human heart and all of its system works using human brain. Cyborg Crime programmed to follow order without fail and do not have its own desire. Beside its fighting capabilities, Cyborg Crime also installed with tools that able to withstand rough weather such as storm, mist and predict weather so he can be reliable navigator in the team. Since Version-26 was the latest product, it navigation system has been enhanced with ability to adapt with most of ship controlling systems. When discovered few years ago, Cyborg Crime has been reprogrammed to protect his owner even without orders. It will automatically put his life on the edge when its owner in peril.
    Behavior/Habits: Cyborg Crime do not need food to survive and do not have mouth either. It also isn't build with voice or speaker system so it obviously cannot speak. However, it used to burst its steam in certain manner to express its feeling. When it agree with something, it will burst its steam once thus when disagree it will not burst at all and pretend to not listening. When it anger, it will burst its steam ferociously and it also like to be praised, when its owner do that, it will burst pink steam and its face will blush somehow. Since Cyborg Crime is a machine, it will attack its enemies aggressively and put its life aside. It programmed as a battle tool and will act like one so most of normal human feeling cannot affect him but powerful mental suppression like Haoshoku Haki and Devil Fruits ability may affect him since it affect its brain directly.
    Likes: Maintenance | Owner | Praised
    Dislikes: Failure | Water and Rain | Marine
    Motivations: Cyborg Crime was created to follow order and killing people. He actually has no motivation but its program forced it to fulfill its owner's order without fail so indirectly its owner desire become its.
    Fears: Abandoned | Failure | Rust
    History: Cyborg Crime Series estimated to be created at least 100 years ago for some reason, probably by the opposition side of national war. There is many Cyber Crime Series used for combat purpose at that time and uses heavily wounded personnel as its base. The changes of time make Cyber Crime extinct, replaced with newer technology and stuff.

    Approximately 100 years after, a group of archeologist from revolutionary army discovered the existence of Cyborg Crime and collect its remaining throughout the world. Under the command of Mad Scientist, Professor Killaugh. The project to revive the Cyborg Crime was initiated. He create a blueprint based on his knowledge and using remaining parts to build a new unit. The finished unit was named Cyborg Crime Version-26 or simply CC (read: double C) and programmed for combat and protective purpose.

    Even almost all of CC body is machine, it still use human organs to fully operate. The organ used is brain, bones and heart. CC built using a genius person's brain so that able to operate many machinery at once, initiate combat initiative, doing automatic program and many technical issues without any significant problem. Its bone become a base for all of its movement and it built based of half-giant breed thus make it have its enormous body and lastly its heart was built using a heart of sportsman so it able to pump steams to provide energy for CC. Its energy obtained using combustion system to heat water into steam and the steams will be pumped by the heart to all parts.

    After its creation finished, CC several times used by the revolutionary to oppose the world government and marines but stolen when a revolutionary base was under attack and annihilated by some marine fleet. When under the custody of marine, CC going berserk since its master was killed and its program gone awry. It crushed a ship that carrying it and sink to the bottom of the sea after its combustion system failed to operate. It founded by the pirate several years after and his program being restarted by genius scavenger. He even installed few upgrades so CC have navigation skills to provide help to its owner. Since then, CC adventure as a pirate has begins.
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    Re: Cyborg Crime

    Post by Storm Runner on Fri May 30, 2014 3:06 pm


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