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    Ren's Charatcer Aplication


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    Ren's Charatcer Aplication

    Post by Antares on Mon Jun 02, 2014 9:36 pm

    Name: Ren Antares
    Epithet: The Purple Scorpion
    Age: 64
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Sexuality: Straight

    Affiliation: Marine
    Occupation: Cook

    Appearance:He looks quite like a very old man that can’t actually fight, but he can. He has white white eyes like snow and many wrinkles. His hair goes only to his ears and then connects with his bear, his bear is very long and goes down to his chest.
    Hair Color:His hair changed white many time ago.
    Skin Tone:Light
    Height: 1.8 meters
    Weight: 70 kg

    Personality: He is a very wise person, since he is older, he has a bigger knowledge and experience. He is a very angry person, he doesn’t really smile a lot. Whenever he wants to think he sits and meditates to think better, when this happens, he completely disconnects from the work and enters to another world he likes to call “Spiritual World” where he can actually talk to spirits. He also describes it as a perfect place with no wars or murders, a peaceful place where he could happily live. Even if he is grumpy, he help people as he can. He likes to cook for people and see them eat it, more than eating it himself.
    When it comes to battle, he is very noble but has no mercy at all, he will fight until the enemy can’t continue or until he is killed. He is good being the “Captain” since he thinks in all his companions. The only thing is that he doesn’t see them as friends .

    1. He likes to cook, he just loves it.
    2. Peace, he prefers to meditate once in a while to have some peace for his own.
    3. He likes to capture pirates, as he is doing “good” for the world, he feels he is going to go to heaven, or in his words, the spiritual world.
    1. Noise, he prefers to be in peace.
    2. Sleep, he thinks it’s a waste of time, but he does like to meditate.
    3. People not finishing his food.
    1. Get to the spiritual world.
    2. Help the world.
    3. “Justice”, he wants to make justice and teach the pirates a lesson.
    1. Not going to the spiritual world.
    2. Being killed by a pirate, he can be killed or die anyway, but not being killed by a pirate.
    3. Losing the possibility to cook, it’s the most precious thing on earth for him.
    Behavior/Habits: He is usually very angry all the time and smiles the minimum. He usually sits on the floor and asks people to sit on the floor as well to have eye view all the time. He always shouts at his companions when they do something wrong and is a bit aggressive or scary. He never regrets anything he did and tells people to do the same, when he makes a mistake, he looks the best part of it to make it be seen. He also many times leaves people talking to him without answering or goes away to have some peace.
    History: Rin was a country man who lived in South blue, in Karate Island to be more specific. He was raised in a farm all his young life. He used to help his parents in the farm which gave him less time to study and do homework, even do, he went to a normal school and had very good grades, he was a very smart boy. He lived a normal life while he was a kid.
    The time passed and it was the moment to train the art of the Antares family, “Scorpion Karate technique”. This is an old technique passed through generations and taught only to the oldest child of the family, meaning it was only taught to Ren and not to his little brother. His name was Tai, a very common name in the family, he was only one year younger than his brother Ren, but that was enough reason to exclude him from this martial art.
    Ren was separated from his brother when he was twelve to learn this martial art and be a powerful warrior who someday, would teach this same technique to his kid. After ten years training the technique, he returned to his home in Karate Island, to his farm. Even if he wasn’t taken to another island, he was taken to another house in the other side of the island. He was finally going to meet his brother when he was told his brother had become a pirate and had gone towards the grand line to find the One Piece.
    The same year, one month later, he started his new life as a marine and worked there for twenty two years. Then he stopped working as a marine, but what he didn’t know was that some years after his retiring, he was going to return to the marine and look for his brother, the brother that had been seen near the grand line. Or at least that was told to him.
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    Re: Ren's Charatcer Aplication

    Post by Storm Runner on Mon Jun 02, 2014 10:41 pm


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