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    Parsa The Fishmen


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    Parsa The Fishmen Empty Parsa The Fishmen

    Post by BlueSensei on Thu Jun 05, 2014 11:06 pm

    Name: Parsa
    Epithet: Maneater Parsa
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Race: Fishmen
    Sexuality: Straight

    Affiliation: Pirate
    Occupation: Bartender

    Hair Color: Black
    Skin Tone: Aqua Blue
    Height: 6'1
    Weight: 180 lb

    Personality: Parsa is known for his brash, headstrong and aggresive nature. his most notable trait is his hatred for humans but shouldn't be mistaken for a bad person. He likes to flirt, but don't be mistaken him for being a player, he is just open and willing to play with open cards.
    Likes: Meat and adventure and women.
    Dislikes: Eating on the go and having to deal with other annoying people and dealing with unnecessary drama.
    Motivations: To stop racism of all Fishmen and to just have a amazing adventure.
    Fears: Scared of Giants and usually cannot be seen around them, Also is scared of giant snakes and small pocket guns.
    Behavior/Habits: Tends to never stop moving and is very energetic.
    History: Parsa was born on Fishman Island where he spent most of his life. His mother, Vesper, was a Dusky Dolphin Fishwoman who worked as a jewelry seller and was a loving lady that did everything for her family and her lover Skooma. Skooma was a Leopard Shark Fishman that owned a bar in the Fishman District and provided the majority of their income. Since the bar was frequently visited by pirates Parsa had very early contact with them, but he came to only get to know the good and adventurous side of them, making him already dream as a child to sail over the seas when he grew older. He grew up very sheltered and was a bright boy who spent most of the time outside, as he would rather play with his friends instead of clinging to his mother all day long. When he was 7 years old his parents disappeared one day when they surfaced to get some new supplies. They had disguised themselves extra carefully, but one of their clostest friends, Kjeld, suspected that something might’ve happened. His worst fears should prove true as the Tenryuubito had made them their slaves after they fell prey to hooks that they set out in the ocean. Since they didn’t want to endure such a life they let the rings around their necks explode and consequently died on the streets. Kjeld returned to Fishman Island and gave Parsa into the care of the orphanage and albeit he didn’t tell the boy what happened to his parents he should find out about it only a couple of days afterwards. At this very moment his hatred for man was inflamed and despite his tender age you could hear his contempt when he talked about humans and to some it even seemed as if he used that to hide his grief over the loss of his parents. After his territory would from now on be the Fishman District, he soon got to know other people that had suffered a similar fate – including Arlong, who had already made a name for himself. Even back then he admired the Sawshark for his resolute personality and his precise world views. For him Arlong had always been a role model although their relationship was rather platonic at that time, since they only rarely talked to each other. There’s no doubt however that Arlong’s hate may have rubbed off on Parsa and encouraged his opinion on humans even more. Like many other fishmen he was impressed by Arlongs idealistic goals and vowed to one day fight by his side to show the humans that they were the superior race. In the meantime further incidents fueled his hatred. At 10 the sight of his right eye was taken by a thug when Parsa hung around the Sabaody Archipel to watch the amusement park from afar. His reasons were both racist and discriminatory: he wanted to see whether fish also did bleed red blood like humans and he also wanted to ensure that he would truly just be as blind as a fish. However, before his other eye could also be affected he could escape. At the age of 12 Parsa fell prey to the same hooks that once caught his parents, but he could free himself just in time before he’d also become a slave. As a result he has now two deep cuts in both of his fins. When he was 16 years old there were rumours of Fisher Tiger, Arlong and Jinbe going around. As Fisher Tiger attacked the holy land Marie Joa and freed the slaves many fishmen joined his crew and formed the Sun Pirates. At this time Parsa was still too young to help them, so he turned back to the Fishman District and declared it his territory. The following years he would gain a name for himself among all those pirates and criminals, sometimes even fighting until death with them. Because of the wild nature of his combat style he was soon simply known as “the Tiger Shark” as those animals were notorious for their relentless attacks. Despite his youth he managed to stay on the top and when Fisher Tiger died 3 years later he had gained a lot of combat experience. It was during this time period that Jinbe, Arlong and the other Sun Pirates returned to Fishman Island for a short time. Parsa took a hold on that chance and had a couple of serious talks with Arlong, claiming that he could lend him a helping hand in his campaign against humans. Although Arlong very well remembered him he declined the offer, but they remained as friends. The last thing he heard from Arlong was that he had gone to the East Blue. Soon after Parsa also left the island and joined the Deepsea Pirates. They were a group of fishman that despised the humans, all for their own personal reasons. As they raided the seas they left a bloody trail behind them and since Parsas combat style against humans was extremely brutal, they soon started to call him “Maneater” – a title that fit well, because no human opponent would ever escape his jaws. He preferred using his physical attributes, such as fangs, claws, strength and even his shark tail. Since they inflicted so much damage in such a short amount of time they soon earned themselves bounties that should rise in the years to come. However the pirates seperated 8 years later and they all walked their own paths. Parsa carried on his crusade against the humans and received through one of his lone battles the large scar that stretches from his right chest to the shoulderblade. His nomadic life should come to a stop 3 years later when he heard rumours that Arlong had beend defeated by a group of men in East Blue. He finally returned to Fishman Island with 28 years and only occasionally left to cast his wrath upon the neighboring islands. Now at age 30 his world view didn’t change the slightest. Although he never joined another pirate crew again it’s very likely that he’ll eventually leave the island once more to complete his work in honor of all those that suffered through the hands of humans.

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    Parsa The Fishmen Empty Re: Parsa The Fishmen

    Post by Storm Runner on Fri Jun 06, 2014 12:20 am

    you need 3 likes, dislikes and fears.

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