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    Secondary skills

    Tyler D

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    Secondary skills

    Post by Tyler D on Mon Jun 30, 2014 5:16 pm

    Skill Name: Will of the Marksmen
    Skill Type: Marksmen
    Skill Information: This skill is unique in application and ability through all marksmen and can be utilized  through all weapons that utilize projectiles. It allows for gunners to increase projectile speed movement strength and so on. It is also a skill that enhances the marksmens body. This grants the marksmen Soru and Geppo. The majority can be used with duel weapons .
    Skill Strengths:

    • Allows the user to manipulate projectile trajectory

    • Allows for combination of projectiles

    • Allows for the user to manipulate speeds of there body and projectiles.

    Skill Weaknesses:

    • Requires some form of weaponry [Canon gun bow etc]

    • Requires use of arms

    • Requires some form of ammunition


    Ability Lvl 1 Name: Soru
    Ability Lvl 1 Type: Rokushiki [Self]
    Ability Lvl 1 Cooldown: 3 posts [Upon last burst being used]
    Ability Lvl 1 Description: Soru is one of the 6 forms of Rokushiki, This form of Rokushiki allows the user to increase their speeds +10. [can be used with duel weapons]
    Ability Lvl 1 Strengths:

    • Increases speed

    • Allows user to become blur like

    • Can be used to increase distance in the blink of an eye

    Ability Lvl 1 Weaknesses:

    • At this level 1 stage the user gains tunnel vision.

    • The speed boost is rather minimul

    • Can only move in a single direction at stage 1.

    Curved Bang:

    Ability Lvl 1 Name: Curved bang
    Ability Lvl 1 Type: Marksmen
    Ability Lvl 1 Cooldown: 1 post
    Ability Lvl 1 Description: The wielder utilizes latent power that allows them to curve a bullet. This means they can upon firing allow the bullet,arrow or cannon ball to curve after flying a distance before returning to its original trajectory or allows a projectile to fly in a circular motion completing a full circle. It is believed that the wielder uses a weak form of Haki to curve the projectile. [Can be used with duel weapons]
    Ability Lvl 1 Strengths:

    • Can curve any projectile

    • Allows the wielder to avoid shooting allies

    • Can be a great decoy

    Ability Lvl 1 Weaknesses:

    • Can only curve projectiles they have released

    • Can only curve projectiles IF they are within a 20 meter range

    • Slower speed.

    Kinetic Burst:

    Ability Lvl 1 Name: Kinetic burst
    Ability Lvl 1 Type: Self
    Ability Lvl 1 Cooldown: 3 post
    Ability Lvl 1 Description: Having studied Rokuogan yet not knowing how to fully use it. It seems that Tyler has the ability to use some form of weaker version which has translated into speed. This speed converts to some form of kinetic energy that increases the speed of the user and projectiles fired greatly increasing the speed range and strength of the bullet [finess increased by 10] [Can be used with duel weapons]
    Ability Lvl 1 Strengths:

    • Increases range by 20m

    • Increases finess by 10

    • Allows projectiles to pierce armour

    Ability Lvl 1 Weaknesses:

    • Requires a full post charge. Can not attack but can move.

    • Decreases speed by 10 after use

    • Requires a weapon that can use projectiles if transferring to projectiles.


    Ability Lvl 1 Name: Geppo
    Ability Lvl 1 Type:  Rokushiki
    Ability Lvl 1 Cooldown: 3 posts
    Ability Lvl 1 Description: The user can literally walk in the air a maximum of three times before the cool down occurs. This is a form of Rokushiki and is one of the basic forms. +8 speed stats
    Ability Lvl 1 Strengths:

    • Increases speed when jumping by 8 points

    • Allows for ariel movement

    • 3 times before cool down

    Ability Lvl 1 Weaknesses:

    • Can be seen in the air easy

    • No offensive capability

    • No defensive capability.

    Rylan the Prodigy

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    Re: Secondary skills

    Post by Rylan the Prodigy on Fri Jul 04, 2014 6:47 am

    Before I grade this application in detail, mind adding the stats to some skills?
    Like your Soru, it says "Increases speed" add how long the speed increase lasts and by how much it increases the speed. Do this for all your skill and I'll grade it as soon as possible, bump when you edit it.

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