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    christain oliver



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    christain oliver

    Post by haio681 on Fri Jul 04, 2014 3:13 am

    Name: Christain oliver
    Epithet: paradox chief
    Age: 19
    Gender: male
    Race: human
    Sexuality: straight

    Affiliation: pirates
    Occupation: cook

    Appearance: christain noticeably brown skin is lighter than most other in his family. He has midnight black hair that was quite short. His hair is parted on his right side. He often has a blank glare on his face, with his hazel eyes slightly squinted. Christian is average height and very muscular. He wears a black thin slack, a white long sleeve button-down shirt, and a red vest which reveals the buttons of his long sleeve shirt, the vest has a white cross on the upper right section.
    Hair Color:midnight black
    Skin Tone: caramel
    Weight:215 lbs

    Personality: he is often seen babbling off about certain ingredients, When people try to hold a conversation with him outside of kitchen he is quite cooperate, to him the kitchen is an addition to the battlefield. He's easy irritated by rude  comments made to his crew, or his cooking. He keeps his kitchen quite organized, other than the dishes being completely put away. At times he is often seen drawing out with his hand how everything will get down, his vast knowledge of food put his near the top among cooks that are around his age, but due to him being hard to approach in the kitchen most of his workers often fear him or quit. He has a very optimistic way of talking, but a very pessimistic way of thinking, he often tell people he is the paradox cook. He is just as quick to flirt with a girl, as he is to cook for his company.
    Likes:he likes being in charge of cooking, learning about the effects of food, and traveling around while going on adventures.
    Dislikes: he dislike cooking for other race who have not prove themselves worry to try his food, people who have talent but wastes it, and waking up before 8 a.m.
    Motivations: he dreams to become the best cook that's has every been around in any era.
    Fears: he fear that his dream might come true, that the world would never understand how great food is, and that he might be left alone during an important time to anyone.
    Behavior/Habits: he often seen having a fuss about things being left out of place, he naturally touches things he left to make sure they aren't out of place, he's normally seen counting the steps, breathing pattern, blinking pattern and their reaction sequence to thing that happen around them. He gets aggressive when his cooking, his comrades, or dead childhood friends get brought into a agrument, which were talked about rudely. He is often seen up in people face who are trying his food for the first, and getting emotional when told it taste good.he has a habit of cooking to much food.
    History: At the age of seven, he found out he had a knack for cooking, he also meet his very first friend, which was also his crush, himiko. The two were often seen around cooking in competition against local cooks in the area and giving the food they made to people who no longer had a home, but considered the streets their real home. At the age of nine, he had meet nearly death, he was running around near a downward slope when a cart full of brinks was released down the hill traveling at a insanely fast pace by the time it had reach in front of him, there stood an over weight pirate who stopped the cart with his stomach alone, at that moment he'd decided to become a pirate, but instead of bringing fear to the people around him, he wanted to being peace to the people around the world. at the age of thirteen, he was seen getting abnorally violent , and bossy In the kitchen, he is often seen causing others to run away or feel disappointed in themselves. At the age of seventeen, he enter three contest for people the ago of sevventeen through nineteen, he won all but the last one due to the interference of the Marines.
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    Re: christain oliver

    Post by Rylan the Prodigy on Fri Jul 04, 2014 5:11 am

    Mind using paragraphs and correct punctuation next time? It's a pain reading your application this way. Anyway, I approve your character application.

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