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    ((wip))Reignbar Sein-Mon


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    ((wip))Reignbar Sein-Mon Empty ((wip))Reignbar Sein-Mon

    Post by Reignbar on Fri Jul 04, 2014 10:42 am

    Name: Reign Sein-Mon
    Epithet: The Dancing Man
    Age: 27
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Sexuality: BI

    Affiliation: Pirates
    Occupation: Dancer, thief, Pirate

    Appearance: Reign is a very feminine type of man wearing a white hood and  a very festive looking robe almost like what would be expected of a geisha. His effeminate form while lithe and graceful in its ability is also quite pale though and his nose is noticeably long and sharp at the tip often times the only thing visible under the white hood he wears when its dark. He would be easily seen as a pretty type of man though he is ultimately not used to being told so.

    Hair Color: jet Black
    Skin Tone: pale White
    Height: 6'3
    Weight: 126

    Personality: He is often very calm and graceful about most of the things in life, for a pirate he rarely loses his temper and his calm cool headedness is often commendable by others. However when angered he will not hesitate to kill. He is skilled in many forms of dance and is eager to learn new forms. He is inherently very inflexible at times and lacks a sense of humor. He ultimately has no interest in the one piece in of itself and is actually fine with keeping a low bounty and a lower profile. He often times will use seduction to try and get what he needs if his dance is not enough to get what he needs.
    Likes: rice, Dancing, Tea
    Dislikes: Rough men, Vulgar girls, Uncultured people
    Motivations: He is motivated by the desire to dance amongst the lands dotting the world to dance in every tavern and learn from the best of the best.
    Fears: Spiders He ultimately hates spiders and is horrendously terrified of them.
    Behavior/Habits: He is habitually spotted dancing when by himself often to a more oriental type of music when ever he can find it if not the sound of the waves are apt enough for him. He has a habit of being overly polite and often uses formal methods of referral such as sir, madam and or other forms of overly formal references
    History: Reignbar was born in the West Blue on an island situated between two sunken mountains the island was full of foreign types of flora and fauna from carnivorous plants to sweet and vibrant flowers. Within his island which was called Twin Mountain Island was a village known as Right Mountain View. In the village there was a well known fine arts school on the island his mother the headmistress of the institute detested men after his father vanished without a trace thus his mother raised her son like a daughter forcing him to take etiquette courses, dance classes, musical lessons she would even force him to often times dress and diet like a woman. Even through it all Reignbar never hated his mother who often pushed herself near to the brink of collapse during one of the lessons though when Reignbar got older his mothers health had taken a turn for the worse she collapsed and died where she had fallen stricken with grief so suddenly by how fast things all happen Reign took it upon himself to run the school to honor his mother however, another tragedy struck. During a calm night like any other a fleet of pirates ravaged his home killing slaughtering and taking everything they could. Ultimately with a pair of wooden fans Reignbar tried to defend his home however the men were gifted with strange abilities Reignbar couldn't fathom ultimately defeated he was taken from his home by the pirates. At this point in time it would seem that things were bleak however the captain had him brought out of his hold in the ships brig and was ordered to entertain the Captain of the very ship who destroyed his home. Reignbar had little choice in the matter and did as instructed he performed a dance for the Captain that suddenly seemed to melt the hearts of those around him as he had finished his performance had captivated the men of the ship. Ultimately pleased the Captain gave Reignbar the choice to return home...It was here that Reignbar realized his home was far behind them and he could never have made it back home. Ultimately Reignbar declined the offer to return home instead he challenged the Captain for his right as the ships leader. Invoking a mutiny the captain in out rage had attacked Reign however due to his performance the mans own crew members defended Reign with how he had swayed their hearts through his dance.  The ships old captain was ultimately thrown over board and Reign became the ships new captain. From this day fourth Reignbar went from Island to Island dancing in taverns and ultimately captivating the crowds out of their valuables  because of his nature of performer his crew is not strong and relies on Reign to be able to get the goods. Ultimately his crew never leaves the ship thus Reign almost always works solo. Thus he is never officially marked as a pirate resulting in a very low bounty rating however this seems to suit Reign unlike other pirates as it means his head is far less valuable to the marines leaving him freedom to move about without to much interference from the marines.

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