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    Damien Espada

    Damien Espada

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    Damien Espada

    Post by Damien Espada on Fri Jul 11, 2014 10:40 am

    Most of a body shot, ignore the blood blades:

    Name: Originally, he went by Carlos Caesar Leon, but as time  has passed, he has decided to change his name. This time, he called himself Damien Espada Leon. He calls himself Damien because not only does he feel it is a strong name, but since it is roughly translate in Latin conqueror or to conquer, things he loves to do whenever he can. He also changed his middle name  to Espada, since it means sword in Spanish, which serves as his main instrument for combat. He did kep his last name intact, to remind him of his nationality and of whom he is. His original name i still Carlos, but he doesn't allow anybody outside of his closest associates address him by that remnant of the past.

    Epithet: He is known as the Blood King, due to his tendency to not hold back when he fights, and due to his rather barbaric way of handling things.

    Damien is twenty-four years old, but looks slightly older.

    Gender: Damien likes o believe that he has no female trace in his body, as erroneous as that is. He doesn't particularly like his family tree, or the things they have done. He is man through and through.

    Race: Tall and big, but defiantly human.

    Sexuality: Straight, but keeps an open mind.

    Affiliation: Pirate. Himself mostly.

    Occupation: Weapons Master, Front-line fighter.


    Appearance:  Strong and intimidating, Damien is considered quite dreadful to look at.  He is very muscular and is considered tall, dark, handsome and mysterious. His eyes are dark blue and he generally uses dark clothes. His general outfit consists of a V-neck blood-red t-shirt with a black trench coat over his shirt, a dagger-like necklace he keeps as a memento from his father, a dark trousers with a belt made out of pieces from a padlock, and heavy combat boots. Has been said to be very handsome, albeit brooding to some. He does wear an eyepatch, but it is so he can't see as well, hence giving his enemies a higher change of beating him.

    Hair Color: Damien has short black hair that is styled mostly backwards, but is usually left in a frenzy. He doesn't really take care of his hair and just combs it whenever it is an important even.t

    Skin Tone: Damian sports a properly tanned body with an olive complexion. He is very happy with his complexion because it gives him a more intimidating attribute, plus it adds to his otherwise messy appearance.

    Height: He is considered quite tall as he stands well over six feet, in fact his official size is actually 6'8. Yep that's right, Damien Espada is 6'8.  He does not look comparatively skinny compared to other people of his size.

    Weight: Around 200 pounds, he is mostly muscle though.


    Personality:  Damian is the definition of humility and humbleness. He is the less arrogant and aloof man in the world…wait that's not right. It's the contrary. He has no sense of humility and is as arrogant as he is bloodthirsty. He strongly believes in Social Darwinism as his philosophy and goes to extremes to prove his belief true, such as picking on those smaller and weaker than him until he gets what he wants. To this day he has not found someone he respects as a superior, and he lacks any form of obedience directed at him, unless it is someone who beats him in a battle.  He is authoritative, aggressive and motivated by impulse rather than by logic. In that sense he may seem like an animal, but he is also capable of great moral behavior and is actually someone who is well-mannered, but only reveals his courteous ways when he is with a date or someone ( the few) he acknowledges as stronger than him. He is not above torture and is capable of great cruelty, such as leaving his sword buried on the foot of an assailant, while he tries to get some information out of him, and he has a questionable grey morality. He, nonetheless, can be a great friend and companion to his friends and is an attentive and loving boyfriend to the girls he dates. He is cunning and a bit critical of others which casts a huge shadow over his redeeming qualities such as loyalty. His courage and braveness are at best ridiculous and he jumps at the opportunity to show off whenever he can. He is protective of those that he loves and accept him and is actually a nice guy when people get to know him.

    Behavior/Habits: Damien likes to work out constantly and by himself. He considers that working out alone is something that relaxes him and gets him on a better mod. This does not mean that if he is angry he will immediately go work out, but can be seen doing pushups or lifting weights whenever he is frustrated. He enjoys pranking people, especially newbies or people he considers weak, such as that annoying guy standing in the corner dong nothing while the rest of the crew he is in is fighting for something. He loves to flirt with people constantly and usually finds his way around problems by talking his way out of situations. He does have a nice and actually loving side, but usually leaves it behind so no one can see him as weak. He enjoys constantly challenging the people of his crew into new challenges, such as a race up to the top of the ship's crow's nest or an arm-wrestling match.

    Likes: Damien loves to fight, train to fight, challenge people, show off, flirt and above all laughing at anything he finds hilarious. He has a black humor.

    Dislikes: He dislikes weakness of any kind, such as weak stomachs or weak-willed people, anything cute and small, such as teddy bears. He has a strong hatred for cowards and morally-correct people, and is totally against discrimination. He himself is not someone who really judges people unless he fights them first. He also hate gossip of any kind and believes that anything that is said about him should be said to his face directly.

    Motivations: His greatest motivation is to defeat at least one of the four emperor by himself and claim there position. In many ways it can be said that he wants to be king of the pirates, but he feels that is just overused and extremely arrogant. His personal motivation is to go to  the Sky Island and see it for his own eyes, so he could honor the memory of his savior. He also wishes to meet his biological father, but he hasn't really figured out whether to just kill him or see him suffer.

    Fears: Fittingly, Damien fears becoming weak and losing his edge. He is terrified of the thought of being abandoned by the people he cherishes and his biggest fear is seeing the corpses of those closest to him.

    History: Originally, Damien was the son of one of the Divine Dragon and a common street prostitute. Since the Divine Dragon did not really care about the boy, Damien was forced to live with his whore of a mother and the lie that his father died at sea. He was born in an island where laws were not abided and death and destruction were common. At age ten his mother was killed in front of his eyes by a criminal who was wielding a gun and asked for food, but was rejected. The scared Damien could only cry in fear as the criminal approached him, yet he was able to survive, because a man, a single old man was able to beat the guy half to death. The old man helped Damien up and taught him how to fight and fend for himself. The old man was strong and was a capable teacher, but Damien could not in the end protect the old man from himself. After living all his life and not seeing the Sky Island himself, the old man tried to venture out on his own for one last time during a freak storm that hit the island where they both lived. However, in the morning, as he walked down one of the beaches of the island, he found a horror that scared him. Before him stood the morally wounded body of the old man that saved him. In his last words, the old man revealed that he was indeed his biological grandfather and could not save his own daughter from a singe gunshot. As he laid down on the beach, bloodied and wounded from washing up ashore against the big jagged rocks that were close to the shore, he begged his grandson to travel to the Sky Island and to beseech him to see it for them both. Before he died, he was able to tell his grandson of who his father was and what he did to his mother, whom n all reality not a real prostitute before having Damien, but an ordinary cook who was raped by the Divine Dragon. After she was raped, she found that she had to support her son and thus she became a whore. All this was revealed to Damien as his grandfather died in Damien's presence. From his grandfather's death and from the rape of his mother, Damien's goal is to travel to the Sky Island and to beat his own biological father until he becomes a bloody pulp.

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    Re: Damien Espada

    Post by Storm Runner on Sat Jul 12, 2014 8:43 am


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