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    Nikita Fierce 'Demon Sword'


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    Race : Human (Italian)
    Gender : Female
    Affiliation : Pirate

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    Character Name: Nikita D. Fierce
    Primary Skill: Devil Fruit
    Secondary Skill: Swordsmanship

    Nikita Fierce 'Demon Sword' Empty Nikita Fierce 'Demon Sword'

    Post by NikitaFierce on Tue Jul 15, 2014 2:05 am

    Name: Nikita D. Fierce

    Epithet: Niki or 'Demon Sword'


    Gender: Female

    Race: Human


    Affiliation: Pirate (Bounty 200,000,000)

    Occupation: Swordsman


    Appearance: Slim but athletic, normally wears Jean shorts and a crop top. Her hair up in ether a messy bun or high pony tail. Has a Tattoo on ankle saying 'Lovely Sinner' and a Scar on her back.

    Hair Color: Pure Black

    Skin Tone: Tan

    Height: 5'6

    Weight: 130


    Personality:Mainly Sassy to people but when I allow you in my bubble I'm sweet and I'm Mean to marines and people I hate. I have also been known to be a born killer capable of showing no mercy during combat.When fighting weaker or innocent people,I do try to hold back when fighting and use the dull side of my sword in order not to seriously injure them.Whether I agree with the decision of my captain (if i had one) I would stay by them.I am very proud of the reputation I have as a swordsman.I get very determined to achieve a goal or defeat an enemy.

    Behavior/Habits:I have the habit to run to problems and scary sounds instead of away from it.

    Likes: Sweets,Meat,Money

    Dislikes: Assholes,Marines,Cold weather

    Motivations: My goal to sail with the pirate king

    Fears:Bugs,Losing to assholes,Death

    History:My family was murder when I was 10 I was a hard time for me for about a week.I taken by some bad pirates and Sold to a bad family at 11.The whole year I was useless and unable to take care of my self as they were beating me everyday.I then learned how to use a sword at 12 to help with protecting myself from them but I couldn't get the heart to hurt them even if they hurt me. I ate a devil fruit at 13 and learned to use it.After a year of dealing with the beating and pain I fought them and won,I ran away and became a lone pirate at 14 and has been sailing since.I fought tons of marines and any pirates that challenged me for three year straight.Waiting for the new pirate king to show so I could sail with him. It's been my dream for a while I haven't exactly found out how i was going to find him and join his crew but i was hoping I was good enough when he shows.I've became very proud of the reputation as a strong swordsman.

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    Leon L.H.
    Leon L.H.

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    Character Name: Hexel L Hellsing AKA The Red Piano
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    Nikita Fierce 'Demon Sword' Empty Re: Nikita Fierce 'Demon Sword'

    Post by Leon L.H. on Tue Jul 15, 2014 2:28 am

    I don't know if you are done or not but please read the character creation template to see all the word requirement for history, personality section.


    * First player to create a task and finished it.
    * First player to receive the rewards for completing a task.
    * First and the Last player who received 10 Stat points for completing a task.
    * Second player to create a Skill and got it approved.
    * First Player to get Mythical Zoan user.
    * Second Highest Bounty


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