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    Fighting (PVP) Rules


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    Official Topics Fighting (PVP) Rules

    Post by Admin on Sat Apr 06, 2013 12:27 pm

    Fighting Rules

    -Do not god mod in any way or form, this would mean somehow increasing your attributes for no reason, claiming to be invincible, dominating players in combat without accounting attributes and abilities.

    -Do not ignore weaknesses of your abilities, this will be considered a form of "god-modding." Doing so will result in an automatic ignorance of your ability completely.

    -Do not attempt to change your attributes during battle or claim to be stronger than someone else without taking your attribute points to count.

    -Do not ignore use of haki, sea salt, and water if you are a devil fruit user.

    -Do not in any way claim that devil fruit users are superior to non-devil fruit users. This is completely false as a non-devil fruit user can be just as strong as a devil fruit user.

    -Do not kill another player without permission.

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