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    Horu Horu no Mi


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    Horu Horu no Mi

    Post by Psychosis on Thu Jul 17, 2014 9:15 pm

    Skill Name: Horu Horu no Mi
    Skill Type: Devil Fruit - Paramecia
    Skill Information: The Horu Horu no Mi is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that grants the user the ability to create and control special hormones that can affect anyone they strike by however the user desires, making the user a Hormone Controlling Human.
    Skill Strengths: Complete Control over hormones, and can inject hormones in the body by four needle-like growths on the fingers, which can be extended at will.
    Skill Weaknesses: Not known for in-battle purposes. The control of hormones is either inside the user's body, or via inject, making all abilities of this fruit either close range, or self-inflicted.

    Ability Lvl 1 Name: Gender Bender
    Ability Lvl 1 Type: Devil Fruit Power
    Ability Lvl 1 Cooldown: 2 posts
    Ability Lvl 1 Description: By stabbing someone with the proper hormones, Kuro flips their gender, turning them into a complete version of the opposite gender. It can also be done half way so that the person has all sex organs on one body.
    Ability Lvl 1 Strengths: Funny as hell, can be used for 'interrogation',Kuro can control the transformation completely.
    Ability Lvl 1 Weaknesses: Can only be used on oneself, or those they stab with the hand needles, and the transformation does not effect combat abilities in the slightest.

    Ability Lvl 1 Name: DNA Manipulation
    Ability Lvl 1 Type: Self-changing
    Ability Lvl 1 Cooldown: 2 posts
    Ability Lvl 1 Description: The user manipulates their own hormones, shifting their entire genetic structure into whatever they wish. Naturally, they cannot magically gain mass they do not have, but they can change their appearance, DNA, scent, and voice into anything they wish.
    Ability Lvl 1 Strengths: Perfect for stealth, can be used on others to distract people, can allow the user to perfectly mimic other people.
    Ability Lvl 1 Weaknesses: The user must absorb some dna of the person they intend to disguise themselves as for them to perfectly mimic them, otherwise they will be off on scent, DNA and mannerisms. The user must stab someone to change them. The user cannot directly absorb memories through this, meaning they will be able to act only based on their own knowledge.

    Ability Lvl 1 Name: Human-body Absorption
    Ability Lvl 1 Type: Melee
    Ability Lvl 1 Cooldown: 5 topics
    Ability Lvl 1 Description: After knocking someone out, or defeating them, Kuro will stab his hand into them, absorbing the entire person into himself. This new biomass can be used in varying ways, each requiring another skill. Once a person is absorbed, Kuro gains their memories and can assume their form without any problems.
    Ability Lvl 1 Strengths: Great for gaining knowledge, good set up for further skills, and great way to dispose of bodies.
    Ability Lvl 1 Weaknesses: Requires a defeated/dead/unconscious person to work, takes a full post to absorb someone, The cooldown is immense at 5 topics.

    Ability Lvl 1 Name: Limb Redistribution
    Ability Lvl 1 Type: Self
    Ability Lvl 1 Cooldown: 2 posts
    Ability Lvl 1 Description: Using the base abilities of the hormone fruit, Kuro grows limbs based on his desires. This can range from two extra arms to two wings on his back, capable of flight. This ability is rather free-form, due to its simple physical nature. As with all things, Kuro cannot create mass he does not have, so he must either absorb someone in order to use this, or simply move his body parts around on his body.
    Ability Lvl 1 Strengths: Allows for ridiculous forms that no one could really predict. Can be used to reform lost limbs. Can make wings, allowing Kuro to fly.
    Ability Lvl 1 Weaknesses: Kuro must have enough mass to use this. Cannot be used on others at all. The new limb is difficult to use at first, unless the user has used it many times before.

    Ability Lvl 1 Name: Sensory Enhancement
    Ability Lvl 1 Type: Melee
    Ability Lvl 1 Cooldown: 2 Posts
    Ability Lvl 1 Description: This technique permanently enhances the target's sense of pleasure and pain to an insane extent. Stubbing their toe would be comparable to losing a limb, that is how powerful the enhancement is. Naturally, the same is true for pleasure.
    Ability Lvl 1 Strengths: Great for 'interrogation', Good social topic skill, fun at parties.
    Ability Lvl 1 Weaknesses: Not actually all that debilitating with pain when dealing with trained enemies. Can be blocked by the pleasure/pain ratio. Can be broken by getting a mild electrical shock.
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    Re: Horu Horu no Mi

    Post by Phoenix D. Jack on Fri Jul 18, 2014 3:32 pm

    3 strengths and weaknesses minimum per ability.

    I'd like 4 weaknesses but its not neccesary.

    You're a beginer at your skill not a mastered in pratice doing overly complex things should not be possible.

    Put durations on where ever it seemes fit.

    Your genderbender while it is a fun thing, as it is there you definetly need MUCH longer cd, and you need to balance it out, cause as it is there you can just change anyone's gender indefinetly. Markov is most likely a rank 3 and he/she is able to do so yes, but that does not mean someone just having the fruit can, atleast not on others from the get go.

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    Re: Horu Horu no Mi

    Post by Fisher D. Conrad on Tue Aug 05, 2014 11:07 pm

    I think I've seen you around, so are you still working?

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    Re: Horu Horu no Mi

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