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    Layt Nite


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    Layt Nite

    Post by Late-Night-Noodles on Thu Jul 17, 2014 11:30 pm

    Name: Layt Nite / also known as Noodles, a nick name given to him by his late owners.
    Epithet: Noodles, the demon cat thief of the high seas
    Age: 21
    Gender: male
    Race: Animal-Cat
    Sexuality: straight

    Affiliation: Pirate
    Occupation: Swords Man

    Appearance: Nite can be found wearing a dark green tux with a gray vest and white collard shirt underneath, he wears baggy white trousers. On his neck he wears a red handkerchief. He also wears brown leather gloves.  He looks like a cat, other times he disguises himself as a human.
    Hair Color:Gray and white Fur
    Skin Tone: Gray and white Fur
    Height: 5 feet 10 inches
    Weight: 122 pounds


    Nite is a relaxed, charming, witty, gentlemen-like cat. He loves cracking jokes and making sarcastic remarks. Nite rarely gets angry; in fact it seems almost impossible to piss him off. The only thing that will piss off Nite is if someone harms his friends, and when Nite is angry he will retaliate by causing those who hurt his friends, extreme pain and fear. Despite his laid back personality Nite is actually a brilliant tactician and a deadly swords man, he will be serious when the time call for it. Nite usually wears a smile and is rarely seen in a negative mood. People usually think that Nite doesn't have a care in the world, but the truth is he is a wise philosopher that observes everything around him with his calculating eyes. Nite loves making people smile especially cute girls and children. Nite loves flirting with beautiful women; oddly enough even though he is a cat he is attracted to human girls. Nite loves literature he often composes poems, songs and short stories, Nite loves to read and loves to write. Nite loves peace and nature; he especially loves the open seas.


    ~Women: Nite loves beautiful women
    ~The ocean: Despite not being able to swim, Nite loves sailing the sea.
    ~His swords: Nite deeply cherishes his two rapiers that he inherited from his master.


    ~Bullies: Nite thinks that the strong should not pick on the weak.
    ~Girls Crying: Nite hates to see women cry.
    ~Conflicts: Nite dislikes getting into unnecessary conflicts.
    ~When people roughly touches his tail.


    ~To be the greatest swordsman.
    ~To go on the most amazing adventure.


    ~Not being able to protect those he cares for.
    ~Dogs, Nite isn't exactly afraid of them he's just feels uncomfortable when he's around dogs.
    ~Nite fears of losing the people he cares about.


    Nite has a habit of saying "Nya!" in random parts of his scentences. Nite usually naps in the day and prowls about late at night. He likes being petted be behind his right ear. When Nite is pleased or excited he begins to purr. Nite always keeps himself neat and groomed; he hates it when a person roughly touches his tail. When Nite is angry his fangs and claws will show. Nite loves to drink tea and a bit of rum, Nite rarely gets drunk but he will enjoy a drink or two with his friends. In whatever Nite does, he does it it in utmost badassery, swag and most of all class and finesse. Nite hates doing things sloppily; he prefers everything to be neat and elegant.  


    Nite grew up as a young kitten living in the alleyways. It was a hard life, often times he didn't have a warm place to stay. Often time Nite would have to steal food from a street vendor.  When Nite grew older a pirate crew took him in, Nite lived on the ship keeping the rodents away from the goods, for awhile Nite found a home, and the crew took care and loved him….. But one day a storm sunk the ship and Nite was the only one, who survived.  Nite washed on the shore of a rich nobleman’s island once again lost without a family, for some time Nite wandered about on the island until he was found by the nobleman’s daughter and her body guard. The girl was named Ayumi Sanato, and her body guard was named Neo Stigma. The two was an unlikely couple they seemed to be in love. Ayumi and Neo took care and pampered Nite, and once again Nite found a home. You see Nite was much much smarter than a regular cat, Nite learned all of Neo’s dual sword techniques by just watching it, with Ayumi’s help Nite also learned how to read.  For three years peace thrived until a secret organization came, the men attacked the mansion. Apparently Ayumi’s lover, Neo, was a retired member of that group. The organization wanted Neo back, but Neo refused so the men attacked the mansion. Neo defended the mansion with his life but in the end he was defeated, before Neo died, Neo gave Nite a Devil fruit…. Neo asked Nite to eat the fruit and use its power to save Ayumi. Nite obayed his master final wish and ate the fruit, the fruit turned Nite into cat human, with this Nite took Neo’s blades which was also left to him an defeated the rest of the men. Nite fought bravely and was able to defeat all of the enemies…. But it was too late Ayumi was mortally wounded, before Ayumi died she asked Nite to bury her next to Neo, she asked Nite to live on and find his own adventure. With tears Nite buried his two dear friends, he vowed to go on the grandest adventure and return to the island to give his final respects to his kind friends who accepted him as family.

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    Re: Layt Nite

    Post by Late-Night-Noodles on Sat Jul 19, 2014 12:36 am

    Bump Nyaaah! :3

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    Re: Layt Nite

    Post by Late-Night-Noodles on Sat Jul 19, 2014 12:43 am

    Nyaaaa hello!
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    Re: Layt Nite

    Post by Storm Runner on Sat Jul 19, 2014 12:49 am

    Approved-nya! but keep in mind you will need to have the human human fruit as your devil fruit to be of the animal character race.

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    Re: Layt Nite

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