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    The Sea Jaegers (Marines)

    Kai Shibetake

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    The Sea Jaegers (Marines)

    Post by Kai Shibetake on Sun Jul 20, 2014 9:27 am

    Name of Crew: The Sea Jaegers ( Branch 0)
    Name of Ship: The Narwhal Heart
    Captain: Kai Shibetake
    First Mate: (Decided in topic)
    Second Mate: (Decided in topic)

    Crew Mates:
    -Tyler D
    - Jay Soato ( not confirmed yet)

    - To capture Pirates
    - To get rid of any sort of corruption in the Navy
    - Make a better world

    Motto: Giving up on Giving up

    Crew History:

    Kai grew up in a horrible past as his family get massacred by his own father's best friend who was a navy and sided with an evil pirate at that time. He grew up and become a navy in an effort to discover more to his past and get rid of the corruption that is plaguing the navy. He met with some other Navy and he formed a crew that will help his cause while at the same time try to help his crew mates achieve their dreams.

    Limitations / Requirements:
    - No limitation and requirement as long as active and deemed worthy by the crewmates.


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