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    Post by Ex on Sun Jul 20, 2014 10:06 am

    Name: Montblanc Kong
    Epithet: Qinglong.
    Age: 21.
    Gender:  Male.
    Race: Human.
    Sexuality: Straight.
    Affiliation: Revolutionary.
    Occupation: Fighter / Thief.

    Azure Dragon Auriga11
    Tall with well build, strong, compact and aesthetic physique. He has short scuffy black hair that has been cut on the sides and tied into a long rat tail on his left side.
    Due to a heart problem he had his heart replaced with a mechanical one the runs on one gallon of sake. On his left ear is an inverted golden cone earring that was a gift from his father.

    Hair Color: Black.
    Height: 6'4.
    Weight: 190lbs.

    An easy going confident individual who is debonair. Has a calm demeanor and often looks to solve problems without straining himself to much. Due to this he is often mistaken to be lazy. He is very charming and often looks to hit on most girls who he considered to be beautiful be it in appearance, personality or mannerisms.

    Likes: Martial Arts. Reading. Training.
    Dislikes: Lolicons. Pompous Nobles.  
    Motivations: Justice.
    Fears: Lolicons.
    Born into the infamous Montblanc family, Kong is the child of a wild pair. His mother, who hailed from South Blue was an adventurer while his father, a native of West Blue was an archeologist. Due to their occupations they would travel a lot leaving behind Kong in the care of family friends.

    His childhood was plagued with fighting, scorn and ridicule due to the actions of his ancestor Montblanc Norland who left behind a legecy of lies. Children would often make fun of him and Kong would reciprocate to their jest with brutal beat downs. As such many people were wary of him and he was often left to his devices.
    While the solitude would have been enough to make many go mad, Kong embraced this and turned into a positive. Often going out alone on wild adventures or climbing tall trees to read books on medicine and engineering. He found the greatest comfort in practicing martial arts and would often in cooperate different techniques to create his own unique style which he dubbed as Dragon Arts.

    During his twelfth year his parents decided to have a family vacation from East Blue and they took him to West Blue to visit. It was during his time here that he got a taste of what the world was like. He happened to come across nobles and saw first hand on how they treated other humans. In a foolish jest he had tried to intervene and speak up for the oppressed. This did not sit well with the one of the nobles who took out his gun and tried shoot him down for his brazen act. However, before the bullet could connect, his father jumped in and was shot on his behalf.

    The noble was about to shoot again when he got word that a revolutionary ship had been spotted in the distance, to which he scurried away. Kong could only look on as his fathe bleed on hi arms before dying with a proud smile. His last words were how he was happy that his little mouse had the courage to stand up to the tiger.

    Those parting words proved to be crucial in molding him into the man he was. He vowed to rise and grow in power until he became someone strong enough to rival the tiger that not only took his father but oppressed others like him. It was then that he started calling himself Qinglong. After observing the fear on the nobles heard after the word revolutionary was mentioned, he was convinced that he should join them and strike the same fear.

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    Post by Storm Runner on Sun Jul 20, 2014 6:49 pm

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