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    Taking Alabasta: P1, Gangs of Rainbase

    Azure Snow

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    Taking Alabasta: P1, Gangs of Rainbase

    Post by Azure Snow on Sun Jul 20, 2014 10:19 pm

    Task Name: Taking Alabasta: P1, Gangs of Rainbase
    Task Rank: Rank 1
    Boss Required?: No.
    Location: Alabasta, Rainbase
    Task Details: A month or so After Azure became a Warlord fate had thrown Jack, One of the Supernova's into her path. being an old friend they drank and had a wonderful time on Jacks Ship. Jack, being the fine fellow that he was had soon convinced Azure to join him in his take over of Alabasta. She had to be careful , however, because of her title which was now in every paper around the world with the head line "Crimson Snow! Warlord!". This Task is the first in a series in order to take over Alabasta. First they must get men for their cause and so Jack and Azure are going to convince the 5 gangs of rainbase to join up with them.

    Conditions: Convince the 5 Gangs of Rainbase to join up with the cause by doing little tasks for the leader of the gang, It may be fighting the gang champion, Killing of innocence or something of the like but in order to complete Part One of Taking Alabasta you will need the help of the 5 Gangs.


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    Re: Taking Alabasta: P1, Gangs of Rainbase

    Post by Leon L.H. on Sun Jul 20, 2014 10:30 pm



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