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    Winter Cross


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    Winter Cross

    Post by Winter on Sun Jul 27, 2014 8:27 am

    Name: Winter Cross

    Epithet: "Arctic Blur"

    Age: 18

    Gender: Male

    Race: Winged

    Sexuality: Straight

    Affiliation: Marine

    Occupation: Doctor


    Appearance: Winter is a silver haired, grey eyed gentleman who wears glasses and usually wears a opened grey jacket with a white undershirt under his marine uniform.

    Hair Color: Silver Hair

    Skin Tone: Pale

    Height: 5'8

    Weight:145 lbs



    Winter is very lazy. He dislikes any form of physical labor and enjoys reading about the history of the marines and the World Government in general. He despises tyranny and ill treatment towards civilians and joined the marine core to correct all the wrongs in the current marine system. He's very cynical, witty and at times can be harsh towards others he does not respect. Winter hates pirates, especially sloppy drunkards and hot shots who think they are above the law. He thinks they should all rot in a jail cell, so he can retire and live a comfortable life. He's very focused and picks on every single word said in sentence by people because he believes, your word is your bond. Winter hates quiet females and think they should speak up. Winter is generally a jerk at times because he has a superiority complex when it comes to IQ's and is anti-social. He'd rather sit alone in a tree working on some puzzle or new medicinal cure than to talk with you. He loves healing civilians and helps out around any city he comes too but once he fixes you up, his job is done and he moves on.


    Winter has the a problem keeping quiet when his officials speak. He thinks the current marine core is poor and constantly points out flaws in said system. He has the habit of constantly snacking on chocolate 'Pockys' that he buys from a local shop from his home town of Centaurea. He will often scream out and random moments just because he can but it usually is because he has some revelation about a cross word he's working on. He has zero tolerance policy for pirates and will negate his usual laid back persona to put pirates behind bars for life. A dead pirate is a good pirate. That's the only pirate he desires to see.


    - Sugar

    - Books

    - Cats


    - Dogs

    - Obnoxious Pirates

    - Obnoxious Marines


    - Become an Admiral so he can retire and do nothing for the rest of his marine days.


    - Having to work harder than he already does

    - Fighting troublesome opponents

    - Dying before he can retire happily


    Winter grew up on the island of Centaurea and was raised by his revolutionary mother and father, Naomi and Justin until the age of 10. After turning ten, Winter ran away from home to join the marine cores advanced recruit development program for genius minds. Little did he know, that would be the beginning of a life opposite of what he wanted. Training everyday, almost inedible meals and snotty officials. They were all a bunch of old hags to him accept for Vice Admiral Malcolm. Malcolm would sneak him snacks and "Pockey's" during the night while he worked on his paperwork, which he'd finish within minutes. He has always had an interest in becoming a doctor, a psychologist more of sorts and studied the human anatomy his whole life. He aspires to become a doctor and one day invent the ultimate poison to place in the ales of all pirates, killing them at sea. Winter currently serves as a recruit at Water 7 base, after being expelled from the accelerated program for not only helping Vice Admiral Malcolm skip his duties but for experimenting on the younger more impressionable marines. Malcolm taught Winter a bit of the sword but he took more to fencing. However, didn't keep up with it too long. Winter began learning some of the secret Rokushiki techniques from Malcolm as well, as he was impressed with his aptitude to pick up on fighting styles and stances, however, complained that he doesn't have the stamina to maintain it. Winter is a marine with a bright future ahead of him but growing up with Revolutionaries has made him want to change the world from the system within.
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    Re: Winter Cross

    Post by Storm Runner on Sun Jul 27, 2014 8:40 am

    Why YU so cool? Why YU not a pirate? Why YU no say PERSONA! Because I say....

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