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    Corban Doe Slade

    Corban Slade

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    Corban Doe Slade

    Post by Corban Slade on Mon Jul 28, 2014 12:48 am

    Name: Corban Doe Slade

    Epithet: Deadeye

    Age: 35

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human

    Sexuality: Heterosexual

    Affiliation: Pirate

    Occupation: Marksman

    Appearance: A grim and disheveled man in appearance, Slade stands at an average height and possesses an otherwise natural physique of being lithe, far from out of shape and equally as far from being overly toned, meeting the criteria of someone stuck in between the two classifications of bodily standards and is situated directly in the middle; thin, yet solid.

    A waterfall of bedraggled hair flows freely below his shoulders in all of it's knotted and unkempt glory, looking in dire need of even the smallest application of maintenance with the unruly stands and countless split ends that mar it's overall length, which naturally sprouts back and away from his face and allows it to reach his waist with utter ease. Rough facial features that act as a domicile for one dark brown eye and an a black eye patch are decorated with the outline of a what appears to be the remnant of a full beard, seen along the lower portions of his face and somewhat rounded jaw in the form of a noticeable, black stubble, the likes of which are no stranger to distorting drastically when his lips form into their commonly crooked smiles.

    A man of insouciant and nonchalant temperament with regards to his over all appearance, the clothing he wears greatly reflect his desires of freedom by being, in his own opinion, comfortable and unhindering, and are by no means formal in any sense of the word. Typically seen clad in a loose fitting kimono's and clothing of similar design, the most common he is seen in possesses a white top, which possesses two internal breast pockets and hangs slightly ajar to expose a noticeable portion of his chest, and the sleeves are usually kept rolled up to the elbow. A dark grey sash acts as a divider and belt to keep the outfit held closed, below of which is a black hakama with worn and tattered edges around the ankles to act as the lower portion of the outfit, which is completed by a wore pair of old waraji sandals.


    Hair Color: Raven Black

    Skin Tone: Caucasian

    Height: 5'9"

    Weight: 135lbs

    Personality: Acquisitive, avaricious, materialistic, greedy, all of these words can be used to describe Slade to his very core, as he is, with literally every fiber of his being, a man with an extremely covetous nature. One could say there is no limit to his greed, seeming to possess an unquenchable thirst for all form of possession, which goes beyond just inanimate objects, as if he is consumed by the very word and it's definition. In this sense, he embodies a shrewd and conniving mentality in which he uses to obtain that which peeks his obsession, stopping at nothing to obtain and secure it within his wanting grasp, often without any regard for even the slightest amount of rectitude or ethical binding to restrain him in his actions to do so. This gives him some demanding and importunate qualities that often times makes him seem downright amoral and can become his most noticeable traits under the right circumstances.

    Despite this and him being a highly ambitious man, however, he is also one of leisure and easygoing temperament, and thus displays a very mellow and carefree attitude that allows him to, for the most part, go with the flow of the things around him and face threatening situations with a clear train of thought. Naturally, he is quite affable, amiable, and displays a somewhat sarcastic disposition from time to time. The only thing of which that can make him break away from this mindset is when under the dictations of his innate, self-indulgent inclinations. A side-effect of his typically unconcerned persona is that it can, in certain ways, make him display varying levels of vulgarity depending on the situation and reveals a relatively lecherous side that all too often rises to the surface when the circumstances are right, of which he shows no shame or embarrassment in acting upon either of them.

    Taking Chances
    Possessing Money
    "Mingling" with Women
    Any type of drinkable Alcohol
    Quality level Firearms of all Kinds

    Lacking said Money
    Not having said Women
    Being out of said Alcohol
    Poor quality Firearms of all Kinds
    Hangovers resulting from said Alcohol

    Motivations: Obtaining everything in the world that's of value and prospering in a monetary sense. In other words, getting really, really, really rich. Hints the whole pirate thing.

    Antique dolls
    Losing his firearm
    Dying before achieving his goal of becoming rich


    Habitually smokes upwards of twenty cigarettes, and drinks roughly around the same amount of bottles of alcohol, a day, when both are available, of course. Extremely fond of napping and typically does so during free time, in which he naturally spreads his whole body out to occupy as much space as possible. Routinely maintains the quality of his firearms to keep them in proper, working order. Commonly flips a coin when nervous or uncertain, often using the outcome of said toss to guess his chances with the task at hand and give him a certain peace of mind. Tends to speak with an Old English slang. Frequently tries to grope, fondle, and/or flirt with any appealing woman that catches his eye. Obsessed with anything he deems of value or of worth and will likely try to obtain it by any means necessary.

    Born on a dilapidated island located on the very far edges of the South Blue to an extremely impecunious family, it would be no surprise to anyone that Slade was forced to mature at an extremely young age given the situation in which he was brought into. Struggling to make ends meet just to keep a modicum amount of food in their stomachs and shoddy roof over the heads that did little to protect from the elements, an infant Slade had to make due with what little his parents had to offer, and thus was far less fortunate than those born on other islands. Spending the majority of his infancy in a constant state of borderline malnourishment, it was lucky that he had survived to reach childhood, which was no better.

    Due to the decline in his parents health soon after he reached the age of six, which had left his mother bedridden and father severely hindered, the young Corban spent most of his time foraging the streets as a means of survival and naturally gave birth to his greedy tendencies that quickly began to show themselves in the form of petty crime, becoming the breadwinner of the ramshackle household he was tethered to. His father, wanting to make the best use of what little time he knew he had left, had decided it best to teach his only son a means of self-defense, and did so by teaching him the proper use of a rifle that had been a left over remnant of his fathers time as a former Marine, in which he was reluctant to sell.

    However, not even the aspect of helping family was enough to keep Slade from hording the vast majority of valuables he had managed to obtain, and this would come to play a much greater role during the time of his parents death at the age of eighteen, where upon they had succumbed to their deteriorating health brought about by the living standards they had been forced to endure. Experiencing the loss of his parents struck a deep cord within the teenager, not only having him become rife with grief, but also a subtle essence of guilt that had begun to surface. Could it had been avoided had he not kept more for himself and given it all to support his loved ones, or would it had happened regardless?

    He contemplated this for quite some time during his time consumed with melancholia, but oddly, he had began to realize that he truly didn't care when comparing the lives of those he had lost to the valuables he had collected, amorally placing material wealth above the value of his own parents lives. Greed had surely taken hold of him, and he had come to realize that nothing on the pathetic island he was stranded on could quell his obsession. Deciding that he'd suffered enough, his ever growing desire for things of material wealth has finally reached a breaking point, and now with nothing left to tie him to the godforsaken island that was his birthplace, he had made the decision to obtain the riches he so desired, and he knew that there was only one way he could accomplish such a goal, and that was piracy.

    A perfect occupation for one such as himself, or so he had thought. Lacking the funds to have a vessel built, he would simply take his fathers rifle as his own and commandeer one of the local fishing boats in the dead of night and surrendered himself to the ocean current and his own ambition, taking what he could and forging a life of self-indulgence that he could drown himself in.

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    Re: Corban Doe Slade

    Post by Hexisdabest on Mon Jul 28, 2014 1:31 am

    All Seems to be in order.

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