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    Zetsu ''Bou'' Uchūaka



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    Zetsu ''Bou'' Uchūaka

    Post by RedCosmo on Thu Jul 31, 2014 7:32 pm

    Zetsu Uchūaka:

    Name:Zetsu ''Bou'' Uchuuaka
    Epithet: Crimson Cosmo
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Sexuality: Bisexual


    Appearance:Zetsu wears a simple,hoodie.Hoodie's color is looks like a mix of dark brown and dark green.Underneath the hoodie,zetsu wears a simple white t-shirt that says ''Scars'' in a wildish font.He wears a simple black pants with a pant chain.He wears short,dark brownish leather shoes on his feet.He wears a silver necklace.Also he haves scarlet tattoos that reperesent Ohara.
    Hair Color:Red
    Skin Tone:Normal-Tan
    Height:1.84 cm
    Weight:81 kg

    Personality: Zetsu is a hot-blooded,nice,benevolent,kind and friendly person.He is very loyal and shy so he needs a bossy friend beside him to continue.He hates injustice deeply and can do anything to prevent it.He is a coward and scares from people who looks stronger than him and he despises himself.But behind all these,there is a secret brave lion lies in his heart.He is aware of himself and the others,and haves a great sense of justice.He is also a deep person and can be melancholic sometimes.He loves being alone and thinks best when he is alone.He haves a good knowledge about nearly everything.He loves fixing stuff up and creating technologic stuff.He hates World Government but he feels a great respect for fair marines.He hates marines that is unfair and uses their position to do everything.he hates a few of the shichibukai who uses marines and world government.
    Boys: Zetsu haves a weird like that he do not wants to accept,hot men.Hot men turns him on and he can't help it and also hates this feature of himself.

    Technology: He loves building,fixing and creating technologic stuff,also researching it.

    Music: He loves doing,playing and listening to music.He haves a natural talent of playing a few musical instruments.Music always relaxes him and makes him happy.

    Loneliness: He always thinks best when he is alone.He loves being alone and talking to himself,cause this also relaxes him.

    Nature: He haves a weird connection with the nature and he loves just sitting down,watching nature and enjoy it.

    Justice: He haves a great sense of justice and he likes being fair.He bears great respect for justice and he can't stop someone acting fair.


    World Government: Zetsu is aware of unfair moves of World Government and he wants to take it down because of it.

    Injustice: Zetsu bears a great hatred to Injustice.He hates people who acts unfair and he doesn't care who acts unfair,he feels like he must stop it.

    Chatty People: He doesn't like people who talks too much.He feels scared and feels words come down on him.

    Cold-blooded and evil people: He hates cold-blooded and evil people.He thinks they think themselves are uber cool and for evil people,he hates them deep.

    War: He hates war and fighting is always his second choice.

    ''Manage to carry technology to the it's maximum potential!''
    ''Finding out the answer to the question what is the meaning of life and how are we created?!''


    Bloodbaths: He is ultimately scared of bloodbaths,and getting stuck in a bloodbath.

    Failure: He is scared of failing because of his past.

    World falling into bad hands: One of his ultimate fears is world falling into bad hands.

    Behavior/Habits: Zetsu is a polite,nice,benovelent,kind and friendly person.Because of his great knowledge,he knows how to act each kind of people.Because of his melancholic side,Zetsu can get deep easily sometimes.He gets scared easily and gets scared from fighting people who looks stronger then himself.But if one of his crewmates gets in trouble,he suddenly gets brave and feels he needs to overcome everything to help that person.He can get drunk easily,and he turns completely a different person when he's drunk.He can get pranked and scared easily.He haves a habit that he gets hungry and always starts to eat junk food when he's stressed,excited or bored.


    Zetsu was much more shyer when he was a kid.People was constantly pranking and maked fun of him and his brother,because his brother had schizophrenia.He was living in Ohara.His dad was a revolutionary,but her mother told him he was a marine,cause he was too young to know about revolutionaries.Zetsu and his brother Ki,always waited at the docks for their father.Everyday in sunset,they was running into docks and waiting for their father to come.But he never came to home.Zetsu was always playing music to stop Ki's crying.One day,Ki ran away from home.Zetsu's mom told the marines about this,and marines started to search for Ki.Zetsu was searching for Ki too,so he first ran into docks,and saw blood.He followed the blood,and Zetsu saw his brother Ki,killing all the children making fun of him,and Ki.Zetsu quickly taked the knife of his brother and hugged his brother and carried him to the docks,stealed a boat and ran away from the island.They ran into a unknown island and lived there for a couple years.2 years later,they returned to ohara,and secretly lived in the library.In there,Zetsu learned how to build things and stuff.Also Ki learned martial arts.In a few months,marines learned their place and chased after them,so they needed to ran away from the island again.But Ki wanted to take their mother too,so they paid a visit to their moms.But they saw their mother hanged herself.Marines dashed to them and catched Ki,and Zetsu managed to ran away.But Zetsu bumped into a man and fell.Man threw a bomb to the marines and freed Ki.Than grabbed zetsu and ki and ran away with them.Zetsu learned that man was their dad,and he was a revolutionary.Their dad Zeta trained them for years.Ki became a revolutionary and ran away from home.Zetsu's dad became sick and Zetsu became a marine to earn money and look after his dad.

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    Re: Zetsu ''Bou'' Uchūaka

    Post by Hexisdabest on Fri Aug 01, 2014 1:29 am

    All seems to be in order

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