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    Man Kijimuta's Character Application [WIP]


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    Man Kijimuta's Character Application [WIP] Empty Man Kijimuta's Character Application [WIP]

    Post by Zuko on Fri Aug 01, 2014 11:44 pm

    Name: Man Kijimuta
    Epithet: "ONYX FIST" Muta
    Age: 29
    Gender: Male
    Race: Giant
    Sexuality: Straight

    Affiliation: Pirate
    Occupation: Champion

    Appearance: Man Kijimuta's appearance is very frightening to most people, he is even able to make little children cry with his smile alone. Some people call him a monster, only because he was born with such a monstrous face and body. Man is a 29 year old giant, that is approximately 492 feet tall. To be specific, that's around 152 meters, but he ain't counting. Kijimuta is very different from other giants, which was his worst burden to deal with as a young kid. One of his major differences from other giants is that he has red skin. Long story short, many foolish mistakes led to this happening to him. Before his skin was red, Man had regular white man skin, the one we are all used to.

    Kijimuta has very little appreciation for people who makes fun of how he looks, because he didn't ask for all of this. Another difference from other giants is that Man has sharp edged ears, and sharp edged horns above his eyebrows. This was the look he was born with as a child, somewhere along his father's family side is where he got it from. Also no, he is not a demon and does not have a tail! Man has yellow colored eyes for unknown reasons, maybe some chemical drawback or something. He does like the color of his eyes, because rarely anyone has yellow colored eyes these days, so it makes him feel special. Kijimuta does have hair, and in the most gangstar way he knows, an afro. Man loves his afro for many reasons, like in winter time he isn't that cold over his head because his afro is pretty thick. Also because the style really brings out the 'man' in someone.

    To complete his monstrous look that everyone seems to be disgusted by in an instant, Man has very thick eyebrows and a big nose. His nose is like the size of an average pebble, and his eyebrows like a chalkboard eraser, as an example for visualization. If you look closely at Kijimuta's neck, you can notice his neck muscules and his facial masculinity. This of course is because Man is a giant, and to remain a strong giant, he must do physical practice to gain strength. He also has very sharp teeth, that could resemble a saber tiger. Speaking of physical strength and masculinity, Man is very well fit if you couldn't already tell. He has a six pack, and a good set of biceps and triceps. Kijimuta's hind legs are also very strong, because being strong in every body part is really important.

    Kijimuta doesn't really like clothing, besides there is most certainly no suitable size that he could possibly fit. The only thing he wears around these days are his old golden shorts, with his brown leather belt. What he considers a 'shirt', is the old ripped up pieces of his golden shirt that he couldn't get out of his golden shorts. The golden shirt was originally meant to match his golden shorts, but that whole purpose was ruined by the disastrous waves of the sea, and other natural disasters. As you can see Man isn't a very fashionable person, so you can forget about accessories, and those other things.

    Hair Color: Black
    Skin Tone: Bright red
    Height: 492ft | 152m

    Personality: Kijimuta is a very kind giant, even though he may seem scary, and make the little children cry. Most giants are very scary physically, and do the most absurd and rash things for different reasons. The only thing that Man has that is scary would be his face, and probably his skin. Appearance beside, he is a very kind and cary giant unlike , most of his brethren. Man wouldn't hurt a fly, because he hates to see things die. Kijimuta tries to act very kind to anyone he meets before they get freaked out, but he never gets a chance to explain himself. But even though Man is very lonely, he acts kind all by himself without having a reason, like showing a good impression.

    Kijimuta isn't rash and doesn't do the most insane things like other giants, instead he likes to use his peanut sized brain to his advantage and make the right choices in life. He knows when, and when not to pick a fight with people. But if he were to pick a random fight with someone, he would have a good reason. Man thinks that women are weird, and that it's too complicated to understand their features, so he doesn't have any lovey dovey relationships going on.

    Man has a very huge appetite when it comes to food, and being the giant sized person he is, you can understand. It would take probably decades to fill a giant with human sized food because it is so diminutive. That is why giants like to hunt for big animals, like sea lords, because they have very tasty meat. You can say that since Kijimuta doesn't look so wealthy, that he probably can't afford food, but he personally trained himself how to catch food. It was like a required thing you needed to know as a giant, and that was how to survive. Man learned how to catch, cook, and build crafts by his father. He isn't an expert at all of them, so better than others, but his father taught him the basics.

    Kijimuta would love to think he was funny, or understanding, but all those personalty traits would have required a friend, and he never had much of that. Man would sometimes create fake friends out of rocks, leaves, and sticks and practice with them for when he would have a real friend.



    Long ago, located on a scatter island in the North Blue, was the island of giant's. On this island of giant's, well, there were giant's. Big, monstrous brutes who were much bigger in size than the average human being. People would gossip about the island of giant's, like how they would cook humans who appeared on their island, and then eat them! There are numerous amounts of other disgusting gossips about the island of giant's.

    One of the latest gossips that got word in North Blue was about the giant's purposely mating with their own kind, to grow better in population. People started thinking that the only reason they would do this, is to try to overpower us humans in strength. As you may or may already know, giant's are much more stronger than the average human, so if their population increased, and they did have evil plans, there would be a troublesome misbalance in the world. Not only this, but if the giant's did overpower the people in North Blue, what would happen when the Marines and the World Government found out about this?

    And they actually did. The World Government had decided that the giant's were going to be a major threat, and sent their most strong marine soldiers to go and vanquish them. There very existence was a threat, and the World Government were scared of them. It was like a normal day when the Marines had came to the island and attacked. I was still a baby, so all I did was scream and cry. I was the smallest giant baby of my generation at the time, and nobody know why. But as a baby, I still had the lungs to scream as loud as one.

    My name was Man Kijimuta. My parents named me Man, because all the other giant adults made fun of my size, and my father thought I would grow up to be a big and strong giant. Of course in my current time he wasn't wrong, but that's besides the point. When the Marines had breached the island of giants, they immediately started firing cannons at the humongous ships my kind had in store for emergencies. They had planned ahead, and wanted to make sure that none of the giants were going to escape. The adult giants were left with no choice but to fight, but they didn't want to jeopardize their children's future, and semt them away on the secret cargo ship located at the back of the island behind a rock.

    The Marines were fools, and never knew that there was a hidden ship. By the time they had caught along with the situation, it was already to late for them to do anything.

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