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    Anka Ramos's Character Application

    Anka Ramos

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    Anka Ramos's Character Application

    Post by Anka Ramos on Sun Aug 03, 2014 5:23 am

    Name: Anka Ramos
    Epithet: The Black Barrage  
    Age: 22
    Gender: Female
    Race: Cyborg
    Sexuality: Bisexual

    Affiliation: Pirate
    Occupation: Champion


    Anka had long, red hair, black eyes, and together with a forehead protector, Anka also wears a simple cloth around her head, distinctively tied at both sides so as the ends of the material protrude upwards, while the remainder of hair is allowed to flow downwards. Anka wears a loose, baggy, pin-striped long-sleeved shirt with a dark obi around the waist, black pants which got much looser near the ends, resembling hakama, and striped leg-warmers. Anka also wears bandages loosely tied around her neck and she has jagged teeth. Shockigly under her baggy clothing she actually has a shapely form but she likes to keep it hidden, so that people won't stare at assets.
    Hair Color: Red
    Skin Tone: Peach kind of color
    Height: 5'3
    Weight: 126 lbs


    Anka Ramos likes living in the moment, diving into the action, and not just heading straight for the eye of the storm, but being it or in it. Anka is a woman who enjoys drama, passion, and pleasure – not olny for the emotional thrill, but because it is so incredibly stimulating to the logical part of her mind.

    Being a determined woman. Anka Ramos is stated to never miss her prey in combat, she will or at least try too exterminate and/or captured all of her opponents and will pursue any that have survived, like a predator on a prowl, she will pursue you until she gets bored, the target manages to evade her, or she kills or captured the target. The only time when she won't chase after target is when she has an more important target to worry about or if she listening to orders that interest her.

    And strangely enough this can also apply to Anka romantic and love life, once she spots someone (or people) she likes she will constantly pursue that person and make romantic gestures, flirt or even threats until they agree to go out with her at least one time or they send Anka a clear message that they are hundred percent sure that they had no desire to have romantic and/or mature relationship with Anka.  


    @: This might sound strange for a pirate, but Anka actually likes the Marines, she does find a woman or man in uniform quite attractive. Plus their courage in battle also something she admires in them.

    @: Devil Fruit Users, they tend to have larger bounties and since Anka is a bounty hunter and collects bounties. Devil Fruit users means more money for her.

    @:  Of course being a pirate, Anka loves the water and the wide open sea.

    @: Meat. Anka prefers to have meat with her meals. Stuff like salads and cereal are disgusting to her, if they don't have any meat.

    @: Fishmen/Fishwomen

    @: Stalking/Following/Watching or whatever you want to call it, there are some people who Anka will blindly follow to the ends of the world.

    @: Being call short. Big things come in small packages, right?

    @: Sour Foods, she prefers spicy and sweet tasting foods

    @: Hairy beings, they just creep her out with their hairy faces and legs.

    @: Being poor. She is a pirate and bounty hunter after all.

    @: Revolutionists. Those scumbags kill her parents.

    @: Brown color food, it looks like shit.

    @: Having constant nightmares about her past.

    @: Devil fruit users...bad experience with one of them, tainted her entire view on all Devil fruit users.

    $: To meet a Shichibukai(s)

    $: To meet an Admiral(s)

    $: To become a Shichibukai

    $: To amass great riches


    $: A world with any form of water

    $: Becoming a slave or someone's pet

    $: Yonko, she heard of their fierce powers

    $: Dying alone.

    Behavior/Habits: Anka Ramos is usually seen sucking on a lollypop (Grape or cherry flavor) or munching on a piece of meat on a stick, there a fifty percent chance when meeting Anka, she will have something in mouth. This helps Anka to stay focus on something, do something when she bores or just to salsify an urge to snack on something. In speaking of food be watchful around Anka Ramos, she does enjoy eating and if she someone not eating their food or about to waste it, she has no problem swooping down and taking their food and/or drink too, unless it alcohol, Anka hates the smell and taste of alcohol and she will get rid of any alcohol around her if she spots it, this is the same for cigars and other smoke producing objects. Finally Anka is a proud pervert meaning, she has no problem in telling people that she a pervert.

    Anka Ramos life began like any else, a good birth and a good family environment, Anka Ramos father was an ex pirate turn into a bounty hunter. Anka and her parents had a good and quiet life on the Island of Fishmen no less. Anka's father would always come home and tell her stories of his adventures and all the wonderful people he had met making Anka strongly desire to become a bounty hunter herself. Anka mother was an ex Marine who retired with many metals and honors. Strangely enough they met when Anka's father was in prison, her mother was one of those counsels who help criminals turn over a new leaf. Anka's father manage to get out of prison for good behavior, then her parents dated, they got married, "Seal their marriage" and nine months later, Anka was born.

    Anka grew up to become very independent. Anka would regularly walk herself to the market or the trade shop, as well as around town for other needs. Sometimes her independent got her in trouble when she show signs of being a pervert and a risk taker, but luckily she was well like among the Island, even the Fishmen like her and her family because they treat them as equal. When she was old enough she even start training with some of them, learning the secrets of underwater and water based combat.

    But one day, a group of Revolutionists attack the Island, bring death and chaos around Anka's home. Anka wasn't safe, in fact she had the worse of luck when she was captured wandering the streets by their leader and group of revolutionists. The leader use a Devil fruit ability that Anka can't remember.  Honors passed and the attack was repel but at cost, both of Anka parents died in the attack.

    Anka's body was found but in was in horrible shape, it was clear that she was use of the group more basic needs. But her body also show signs of torture. She was taken to doctor who said that some parts of her body were beyond medical help but with machinery and metal she could survive. With that said, Anka began her change from full human to a Cyborg. After weeks of surgery and testing, Anka was once again a healthy and began her training in haki.

    After couple of years of training, Anka now how choose which path she wanted to follow. Was she going to be a pirate or a Marine. After several minutes of thinking, she decided that she would be a pirate who maintains friendly relationships with the world government and the marines.
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    Re: Anka Ramos's Character Application

    Post by Storm Runner on Sun Aug 03, 2014 6:50 am

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