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    Inzuki D. Lover [WIP]

    Inzuki Love

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    Inzuki D. Lover [WIP] Empty Inzuki D. Lover [WIP]

    Post by Inzuki Love on Tue Aug 19, 2014 4:36 pm

    Name: Inzuki Love
    Epithet: Love Demon
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male

    Occupation: None

    Appearance:He is slim average height for a man and slightly muscular he has black hair bed-head cornered by a white beanie he has a black hoodie with silver bracelets and tight black pants with black sandals and also has a katana on his belt.
    Hair Color:Black
    Skin Tone:Lightly tanned
    Weight:140 lbs

    Personality:He is a flirty young boy that when is not around women he acts like a cool dude. If angered he snaps into a whole different person he turns into a demon that will kill anyone in his path.
    Likes:Women, Sleeping, Swords and food
    Motivations:Marines and his older brother.
    Behavior/Habits:He tends to daydream about killing marine admirals and women.
    History: He was born in the outskirts of the east blue his parents both were killed by marines due to them behind pirates the marines sparred him and his older brother butt they would watch them as they grew up knowing that they would end up as potential threats to marines. At the age of six he was already living up to the nickname love demon he was already flirting with girls older than him, one day he would begin to flirt with a young marine girl and would fail miserably she would grab a knife and would stab him on the spot his older brother age twelve would begin to attack the marine girl but would bet stabbed as well killing him this was where his hatred for marines would start out of nowhere his eyes would glow red and he would somehow kill the woman from that day forward he would train until he was ready to sail to the grand line.

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