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    Hiken Hogai


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    Hiken Hogai

    Post by HikenMCFC on Sun Aug 24, 2014 5:56 pm

    Name:Kano Hogai
    Epithet: White Mask Hogai


    Appearance:Kano has short black hair his body form is that he is skinny, his face is hidden with the help of a mask. He wears black clothes often because it's difficult to be seen in the dark.  

    Hair Color:Black
    Skin Tone:Light

    Personality:Kano is a guy filled with hatred, after being treated pretty bad, his goal is to become the strongest Swordsmen. He dont talk too much because of Everything that appears in his mind. When someone just says something unappropriate he can get on fire and start to pick a fight, he likes to pick a fight with those who doesnt show courage, he is always prepared for Everything that comes in his way. If you do get in a fight with Kano, you got to fight back, because when he starts he doesnt stop. Because when the anger takes Control of him, he cant be stopped then, the only way to stop him is to hurt him. He also likes to sit down with his Eyes closed, and just listen to the sound of the ocean, he likes to sail and explore the entire World, the only thing he fears the most is the sound of the lightnings

    Likes:Sailing, Fighting and Eating

    Dislikes:Other Swordsmen, Cowards and Marine

    Motivations:He wants to be the Worlds strongest Swordman, and he will kill everyone in his way.

    Fears: Fall into the sea, Sharks and Giant people

    Behavior/Habits:He behaves tough, he tries to scare everyone around him, he starts to shout at them, threatening them by cutting their throat, he's Walking with his right hand at the sword, to always be prepared if something comes up in his way, he must be the one that people is looking up to. He wants to get in a fight on purpose by staring at people with a angry look, he also talks shit about people, and he does protect people that is stronger then him. And if you argue with him you cant be right, he's the one that must be right, he cant admit that the thing he did is wrong at all.

    History:Kano was born in Shimotsuki Village in East Blue. At a Young age he was taught most of the Sword techniques, at the age of 7 he did find out that his fathers goal was to be the strongest swordsmen in the entire World, but didnt fulfill his goal. So Kano wants to take on his fathers goal, he wants to make it.

    Kano cant admit a defeat, when he fights. He doesnt give up until he gets injured really bad. At the early age he was sensitive, when he lost a fight he cried, he wanted to be the best.

    At the age of 11 Kano had become tougher, instead of losing a lot of fights, he won instead, he came up with own techniques, he didnt now when a fight is over, he nearly killed those he fought with, when he was 11 years old, he fought like he was older, he fought like a experienced swordsmen, he could defend his friends.

    When Kano was 17 years old he decided to go out to the sea and explore the places he hasnt been at, he wanted to hide his identity so he had a mask on his face. The only one to see his face is the one that is strong enough to defeat him. If he gets defeated in a fight, he'll show you the face, and wants to be recognized because he will strike back again. Kano is that type of guy that seeks revenge.
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    Re: Hiken Hogai

    Post by Storm Runner on Sun Aug 24, 2014 6:47 pm

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