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    Benson D.

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    Benson D.

    Post by Ben D. on Thu Sep 04, 2014 12:56 am

    Name:  Benson D. Sin
    Epithet: "Iron boy"
    Age:  23
    Gender:  Male
    Race: Human
    Sexuality: Straight

    Affiliation: Pirate
    Occupation: Fighter

    Appearance: Benson wear a long blue jacket with lights blue markings on it. He is very tall and slim for his age. Under his jacket, he wears a plain black shirt. The first thing people notice about him is his silver spikey hair. Benson will either wear black pants or blue jeans. Benson's eyes are light blue, his left eyebrow have a cut through it in the middle. He is a pale and quite handsome man. Benson wears light blue gloves on both of his arms.
    Hair Color: Silver
    Skin Tone: Pale white
    Height: 5'9
    Weight: 129 lbs

    Personality: Benson isn't the type of guy to take things too serious. If he is insulted, he wouldn't care. Benson feels awkward around strangers, sometimes even women. He tends to treat others with respect expect marines or people who are affiliated with the marines. Ben loves to get dirty, you will often see him relaxing in dirt. Whenever Benson is about to fight, he doesn't go full power until his opponent proves he is worthy enough.  Benson personality can change when he is in a serious fight. He turns into a psycho killer. Benson shows no mercy to people he can't stand. Benson hates the marine, he will do anything in his power to rid the world of justice. Benson wants to live in a world full of peace and no rules. Benson loves to have company around people he knows well. It's really easy for him to make new friends. Benson shows no passion for people who follow the rules.

    Stupid people
    Ugly girls
    Weak people
    Motivations: Benson is motivated to protect family and friends.

    Fears: Becoming weak and worthless

    Behavior/habits: Whenever Benson is near women, he tends to space out. He always talks to himself when he is alone or bored. Benson gets clumsy when he is hungry. Sometimes, Benson curse a lot when he is mad, he likes to drink too. Benson gets hyper when he is fighting or excited about something. He trains non stop on his free times. Benson eats too much ever time he gets tired, he also eats when he is sad. Benson loves when he is dirty or messing something up. Benson could never resist crazy and dirty things. Benson have a chaotic laugh.

    History:  Benson was born in East blue. He was only three years old when he was abandon and left to defend on his own. Benson traveled around a lot, he searched for his parents. At the age of ten, he was adopted by an old man. He trained Benson to fight and survive. The old man took care of Benson for five years. One day, when Benson came home from the store, he saw the old man dead on the floor. Benson quickly reported his death to the marines.   Later he found out that the old man was a wanted pirate and was killed by the marines. Benson hate for the marines grew each and every day. He had realized there is no justice. Benson haunted down the marines that killed his master. At the age of eighteen,  he killed the group of marines that murdered his master. Because of the training he received,  it wasn't that hard to take them on. When he was at the age of twenty, he left his small little town to become a pirate and bring true justice to the world. He wanted to prove to every marine that he is strong enough. Benson decided to one day become the pirate king.
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    Re: Benson D.

    Post by Storm Runner on Fri Sep 05, 2014 10:18 pm

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