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    Post by joshua.d.ndiyo on Fri Sep 05, 2014 9:39 pm

    Name: Joshua D. Ndiyo
    Epithet: samurai knight
    Age: 14
    Gender: male
    Race: Human
    Sexuality: Straight

    Affiliation: pirate
    Occupation: weapon expert (swordsman)

    Appearance: he has dark brown skin and brown eyes.he wears a brown hoodie and ripped jeans runners and a katana in his belt.he has a slender body and a scar on his head covered by a small afro.
    Hair Color:black
    Skin Tone:dark brown

    Personality: tendancy to doze off in thought while getting lectured.he is smarter than he seems at first.he doesn't socialize outside of his circle of friends.he is easy to forgive
    Likes:other lazy people, chicken, dirty jokes, people who are trustworthy and loyal
    Dislikes: people who insult or hurt his friends in any way, people who lie to him, dry chicken and judgemental people
    Motivations: to carry out his masters will and become the greatest sworsdman in the world
    Fears:water, falling, bugs
    Behaviour/Habits:daydreaming, randomly moaning
    History: his parents were killed by when he was six by pirates that terrorized his village.he was captured and forced to be their slave for two years until a myseriuos man came and defeated them with ease. The young boy had never seen anything like it ,he was amazed at the skill this swordsman possessed at that moment he decided he would become his apprentice. Though when he brought this up to the mysterious swordsman he laughed and told him 'the life of a swordsman is long and hard,and theres no guarantee that you will survive the training' but he reluctantly agreed to the childs pleas.
    After three years of waking up in jungles, chopping trees with wooden katanas andarduous training the man sent him on one final exam three months in the desert with nothing but a katana for surival training.
    when he finally returned home completly dehydrated he saw his sensei on the floor with a pool of dry blood around him. He rushed over to his side and laid his head on his sensei's chest to check his heartbeat. He soon realized his master was long gone but he couldnt believe it. he stayed there just staring at his late masters corpse wide eyed and too sad to cry.he soon noticed that there were words written with blood on the floor. it read ''b the best u can b''
    Ever since then he has lived in search of a crew who can help him and he will help also to acheive their dreams

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