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    Geoff Jensen

    Geoff Jensen
    Geoff Jensen

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    Geoff Jensen Empty Geoff Jensen

    Post by Geoff Jensen on Sun Sep 07, 2014 10:20 pm

    Name: Geoff Jensen (Real Name: Geoffrey Shinsenna)
    Epithet: N/A (I wish to earn it)
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Sexuality: Heterosexual

    Affiliation: Pirate
    Occupation: Blacksmith

    Appearance: Geoff wears a simple, green fishermen's attire/robe, kept together by a black cloth around the waist, tied tightly. Around his head, to maintain keeping his hair out of his face, he wraps a long white cloth several times around, which in turn lifts his hair. For his feat, he usually wears regular, flat sandals and around his body is usually bandages from minor injuries he tends to acquire. His sleeves for his arms seem to be torn, keeping them a few inches away from the elbow, a similar effect keeping the skirting from the robe several inches below his knees but loose. A bracelet made from a cloth-like material wraps around his right hand, something of a keep-sake.

    Hair Color: Black

    Skin Tone: Yellow with a tan hue
    Height: 5'8"
    Weight: 175 lb.

    Personality: Geoff is a rather flee-flowing character, one that likes the breeze of the wind, enjoying the gusts of storms and liking the flow of the sea. But this light-hearted, easy-going persona can get him in trouble with those that are in charge. His attempts at being a Marine has made him biased towards them, thinking they are as evil as they want pirates to seem. Unlike the image Marines paint of pirates, he wishes to be a pirate that didn't feed on the poor, but that doesn't mean he wishes to be a Robin Hood. The rich has an expendable amount of money in his eyes, and so he wishes to be less of a burden and when it comes to Beli, he doesn't want to take what little peasants have. If it were up to him, being a Pirate would be about exploration and adventure, not pillaging and plundering.

    -Lots of Fish

    -The Harming of Innocents
    -Fighting with no purpose
    -To be strapped down by rules

    -To oppose the marines and exploit their corruption.
    -To hunt down the pirates that pillaged his home town.

    -That everyone is evil and corrupt
    -That he may never be able to live in peace

    Behavior/Habits: Geoff may be lazy and does sleep quite often, but he is very attentive when people doesn't realize it, which can be an advantage. While the relaxed habits he has can be troublesome when he is to take orders, it does give him the ability to listen in on things people would think is private, or the ability to meditate in his own personal way. Apparently, it is very easy for him to find places to sleep, and he doesn't require much sleep to be well rested (not a significant difference). Also, he usually likes to be calm during stressful situation, and tries to talk people out of fighting and instead, relaxing.

    History: Geoff was born in a former, now covered in forest, fishermen's village. Due to the income from trade and the constant flow of fish coming from the waters and out to other lands, the village was quite succesful but at the same time, attracted the attention of a few bands of fishmen. The fishmen who did not particularly like the reduction of the natural fish population had decided to extort the village to force them to reduce the amount of fish they obtained/traded. For several years since Geoff was a child, he experienced the feel of fishing and even helped with it...but the extortion caused him to notice a decline in fishing, and some parts of the year the entire banning of, temporarily. Geoff was quite naive at the time, always asking his father and mother why they couldn't fish...but they always answered him with the "you aren't old enough to understand" card.

    Eventually, when the Fishmen cave, Geoff had decided to kindly walk up to one of them and ask them...luckily he asked them on a good day for their leader turned, gave him a facade of kindness, and simply said, "Why, dear boy, we are relatives of the fish. We don't like that they die for your money and your food, so we simply ask for Beli in return for us allowing young'un's like you to fish. Now, run along..." which frightened Geoff. Awkwardly making distance, he questioned the intentions of the man, now an early teenager. Later on that day, he had discovered that the mayor had been killed by the fishmen, though his father did his best to prevent him from seeing what had transpired...Rumors floated around he was mutilated like what was done to fish because the "rent" was late.

    As the town chattered, Geoff became less and less afraid, more angry and more rebellious to the fishmen that periodically paid visits to the town for Beli. Taking his father's filet knife, he had attempted to kill one of the fishmen out of anger, knowing they have done so to his people before. Before he could take the chance on the leader, another fishmen grabbed him and lifted him up, presenting him. The leader looked at the child, and laughed. Calling out to the masses, this summoned the father who begged for them to spare Geoff. Abiding by his demands, the fishmen forbid them from ever fishing again. Now in a state of doom, the people blamed Geoff's family and was on the brink of banishing the child...but this led Geoff at the age of 16 to attempt to apply for the Marines, despite the fears from the village that it would count as a threat to the fishmen.

    Before doing so, it was discovered that the mayor had also paid extra for protection from numerous bands of pirates who wanted to pillage the village, taking all of their that the fishmen were only preventing trade and fishing, the pirates would soon have their wishes of pillaging fulfilled. Sailing off to a Marine outpost, Geoff had attempted to apply for the roll but ultimately failed...and not because he wasn't able. The marines had seemingly been corrupt, taking money to reject Geoff and Geoff found out the hard way, being dismissed by insults and pride. Returning home, he found it in flames just as he arrived, several bands of pirates clashing their blades and cleavers or whatever they fancied, all fighting over the supposed treasury of the village. Rushing to his home, he found his parents bleeding, but not dead. His father looked directly into his son's eyes, and they shared a silent but tender moment...

    Until his father cursed him, "Damn you. You. You ruined..." and before he could finish his sentence, the hemorrhaging had finally taken his life. Shocked and crushed on the inside, Geoff had decided to run as fast as he could, taken only a small amount of supplies and letting his village burn to the ground...not looking back. Within a few months, he eventually found refuge somewhere in the East Blue, as a wandering fisherman who developed a relaxed persona. But every day, he just ponders on what he could have done...and feeling empty instead of feeling bound by a routine.

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    Post by Storm Runner on Wed Sep 10, 2014 12:44 am

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