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    Drunken Riders


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    Drunken Riders

    Post by Hiroko on Wed Sep 10, 2014 1:44 am

    Name of Crew: Drunken Riders
    Name of Ship: Arukoru the Rider
    Captain: Hiroko
    First Mate: Dr W
    Second Mate: N/A (about to confirm, but if interested, pm me)

    -Money is this crew's basic priority. Power and having them be known in all the world is the second one.

    -"Being payed to drink... The only thing better than us."

    Crew History: Hiroko and a old friend, simply wanted money and fame, but to get that, the first thing they thought about was starting their own crew. By this, they started their crew willing to someday become reach.

    Limitations / Requirements:
    -Like money? Your in
    -Want fame? Your in
    -Like to dink and bet? You'll be the captain's favorite
    -(No real requirement)

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