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    Alcon Saila's Character Application


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    Alcon Saila's Character Application

    Post by AngelSlayerAlcon on Sat Sep 20, 2014 6:15 am

    Name: Alcon Eman Saila.
    Epithet: The Angel Slayer
    Age: 16 Years
    Gender: Male
    Race: Winged
    Sexuality: Straight

    Affiliation: Pirate
    Occupation: Fighter

    Appearance: Alcon is always wearing black. It is by far his favorite color, so he always wears it. He is usually seen wearing a black jacket, a black scarf, and black pants with a silver belt buckle. He almost always straps his wings down. He doesn't appreciate being winged, even with the boosts he gains from it. Whatever he wears, his clothes have holes in them in case he ever wishes to put his wings out.
    Hair Color: Brown.
    Skin Tone:Slightly tan.
    Height: 8"9.
    Weight:190 lb.

    Personality: Alcon takes a nap whenever he can. It doesn't matter where, he can sleep. He doesn't like being winged. He was shunned through his whole childhood for being winged. This is the reason he binds them down. Alcon keeps a cold demeanor almost always. Sometimes he drops it, but almost always he's got a cold demeanor. It is for this reason that people tend to stay away from him. When you get to know him, he's actually really friendly and nice. He can make friends with almost anyone he meets, and he'll fight with his friends till the end. He's very loyal, like if you attack his friends, he'll join the fight. He believes that the only illusion in life, is innocence. The meaning of this is basically that nowone is truly free of guilt. Everyone is guilty of something, there for, nowone is truly innocent.
    Likes: Sailing: He loves the wind on his face as his ship slowly floats along the sea. He also loves how separate being out on the open sea feels. Saltwater all around you, blocking you from the rest of the world.
    Apples: Unlike other pirates who love meat, Alcon loves healthy foods like fruits and vegetables. He especially likes apples. He enjoys the individual tastes of all fruits and vegetables. He doesn't know why he loves apples more, but he does.
    Naps: Here's one of his number one favorite things he likes to do. He enjoys napping to escape from reality. Life can really suck, and he prefers to stay in the dream world, because anything is possible in your dreams.
    Dislikes: Wings: He doesn't like wings. He doesn't like them because he was shunned as a child for having wings. This is actually a reason why he keeps such a cold demeanor. He believed as a child the world is cold and unforgiving. He eventually learned it wasn't. He decided to keep the outward personality, while inwardly being friendly.
    Losing: Alcon is a stubborn person who hates being weaker than the person he's facing, unless it's someone legendary. He'll surrender only if he knows he'll die if he doesn't.
    Being weak: Much like his hate of losing, he hates being weak. He likes being seen as strong. Be that as it may, as I said previously, if he knows he'll die, he'll surrender.
    Motivations: Becoming a legendary pirate: He wants to be known world round for his combat abilities. He does this over his father, who wanted to be a legendary pirate, and almost did, but lost his legs when fighting against another pirate crew.
    Fears: Fire: This is not a major fear, as he can overcome it in the heat of battle. It is mainly in fires not used for combat that scare him. His house was destroyed and burned to the ground by rivaling pirates.
    Drowning: Sort of cliche for a pirate, I know, but he once fell overboard when sailing with his dad. He hadn't learned to swim, so he just struggled. Eventually, one of his father's crew members dived in to save him. He actually drowned for a while. They managed to save him, but he is still terrified by jumping into the sea. He can overcome it sometimes, depending on the situation.
    Death: He fears death. Who doesn't? This does not make him change his whole life style, like stopping fighting, running from enemies, it's one of the only things that can make him surrender.
    Behavior/Habits: He can take a nap anywhere. (As I said...) He likes to tap his fingers on his arm. He does that to pass time. Anytime he enters a room, he goes to lock the door. (If it doesn't have a lock, it annoys him.) Anytime someone gets too close to him, he'll back away, or prepare to fight. If someone touches his back he gets a weird twitch for a couple minutes. If you don't stop touching it he'll kinda freak out. He can restrain that but it takes a lot of brain power. All of these are just weird habits he's developed over the years. The back touch twitch is because of his wings. His wings are actually sensitive to touch.
    Let's see, his father was a pirate captain. Palkos Saila was his name. He didn't have a title. His father took him on the sea for his adventures, much to his mother's protest. His mother's name is Emilly Saila. She wanted to keep him on land because she thought that a little boy shouldn't be on the seas. She thought it was too dangerous. Eventually Palkos always won the debates, but he always returned home. Alcon loves adventure on the sea. Sometimes it got ugly in the fights. Alcon didn't care, he just thought it was a time to learn about how to fight. Palkos always left someone watching Alcon, he wasn't a terrible father. In fact, he was a pretty good one. He always made sure Alcon was fine and that he wasn't hurt after fights. Everything was great for Alcon... Until one day...
    On a nice warm day, the sea was calm as Palkos and the Firebeards rode out to sea. In the crows nest, a small figure was looking out at the unending waters ahead of them. This small figure was none other that Alcon Saila. His job was to look out over the seas to watch for enemy ships. The calm sea, along with no threat that he could see made the perfect chance to take a nap. He closed his eyes and hung on the rails of the crows nest. After 5 minutes, Alcon woke up and looked out again. He saw something that looked like a flag. He squinted and struggled to see to make sure. That's a pirate ship alright. Not a friendly one either. Alcon called out, "Enemy ship!" Palkos called back "Are you sure, Alcon?" "Definitely!" He quickly shouted out in reply. "Alright. Men! Ready your weapons!" They all grabbed swords, spears, and guns. They got their cannons and prepared to fire. Then the other ship hung a flag of truce. The others looked at eachother, then dropped their weapons. The crew on the other ship jumped on theirs. "Greetings Palkos!" The man that seemed to know the captain called out. "How are you, Deklof?" "Well, Palkos. How's the wife?" They started casual conversation, as if they knew eachother their whole life. "How do you know eachother?" Alcon asked, confused. "He's an old friend of mine, Alcon. Despite him being an enemy now, we were once best friends once. She's doing fine, Deklof." "So this is young Alcon?" Deklof asked inquisitively. "Yes, my son." "Very well..." Something about the way he said that bothered Alcon. That, and when he said that, one of his men started moving closer to him. One of Palkos' men, the one who'd just recently been assigned to watch Alcon moved forward as well. Alcon instinctively walked back a bit. Deklof and Palkos continued with casual conversation, paying no attention to their shifting men. Deklof's man went into a full run as he scooped little Alcon off the ground, and ran to the edge, throwing Alcon some ways away. "Alcon!" All he could here was his father calling for him before he hit the ocean. He realized what had just happened. He couldn't breathe. He didn't know how to swim. He started struggling. Palkos had just ran to the edge of the ship, calling out for his son. Deklof took the opportunity and unsheathed his sword. Palkos heard the hiss of the sword whipping through the air and then couldn't feel anything but pain in his legs. He noticed he was shorter and then realized what had just happened. His legs had just been cut off. "Damn you Deklof..."  Palkos managed to say, glaring at him, and, made a signal for the crew to attack before collapsing. "Captain!" One of his men called out. "Bastards! We'll kill you!" All of his men carrying swords whipped them out of their scabbards and in one quick movement began cutting them relentlessly. The ones with spears and guns got their weapons and started jabbing and shooting at the crowd. One of the men jumped over the edge to grab Alcon. He managed to climb up and over the edge, carrying the limp, unmoving body of Alcon Saila. He layed the boy down by his father, and joined the fight. The Firebeards ultimately ended them. Afterwards, the man watching over the boy began pumping Alcon's chest while the others dragged Palkos into his chambers. Eventually, Alcon sputtered and spat out the rest of the water. He took in a gasp of breath and started coughing. "God that was terrifying!" Alcon went back to coughing. "Welcome back. You were dead for 20 minutes." "What happened?" Alcon asked. "Well, Deklof attacked Palkos after that man threw you in. We all attacked them and then I dove in and saved you. Palkos left me in charge of watching you, and I'm not gonna let you die." Alcon processed all that, and then "Is my father okay?" "He..." He couldn't meet Alcon in the eyes. "What?!" Alcon asked furiously. He's got the same furious eyes of his father... He thought to himself, and then decided that he had to tell him. "Palkos... Lost his legs."  Alcon's eyes widened and his pupils narrowed. He immediately tried to sit upright. That was a mistake. His bones ached. His throat burned from the salt. He flopped back on his back right after that  "Woah there. Relax. He's fine other than that. We're sailing back home now." Alcon relaxed at that. He realized how tired he was after that whole ordeal. He closed his eyes and relaxed. His breathing eased after a while.
    Alcon woke up in his bed. He wondered what he was doing there. "Are you alright?" Startled by the soft voice of his mother, Alcon looked over to the door. "Hey mom." He croaked. He was surprised at how deep his voice was and how sore his throat felt. Oh. Right. "I'm pretty much fine." "Well that's good to hear." She then gestured for him to drink the water by his bedside table. He grabbed the cup and drank it. Almost immediately his throat felt better. "I'm gonna try to get out of bed." Alcon said and then moved from under the covers and sat up, and attempted to stand. He still had pain in his joints and he faltered once while trying to walk, but other than that he was moving fine with no problems. He walked out of his room and took a seat by the dinner table.  He then realized what time it is. It was the middle of the night. "You should go back to bed." Alcon nodded. "Aye. I'm still tired." He got back up and walked into his room, got under the covers, and fell asleep. He woke up coughing, his voice more sore than ever. He rolled out of bed, crawling over to his door. He opened it, and crawled out. He crawled to the door and rolled out. He looked and saw flames rising over his house. Fire. Before he could yell out, the whole house collapsed. NO! Alcon ran to the rubble, sifting through it. He couldn't find his mother or father's body. They were dead and trapped. He realized they would be dead before they found him.
    Moving Forward.
    That was 5 years ago. His childhood home's flames still scorched his mind, but he's moved on. He's now looking for a crew to join. This is where his story begins.

    *Takes in a huge breath* GOOD GOD I FINALLY FINISHED THAT THING!!!
    This took a long time. Please look at it and give me comments.

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    Re: Alcon Saila's Character Application

    Post by Hexisdabest on Sat Sep 20, 2014 6:34 am

    Great job at the History there Smile



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