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    Sadron's Character App (WIP)


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    Sadron's Character App (WIP) Empty Sadron's Character App (WIP)

    Post by Sadron on Fri Sep 26, 2014 10:33 am

    Name: Sadron
    Epithet: Long Eye
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Race: Skipiean(Human with Wings)/Cyborg
    Sexuality: Straight

    Affiliation: Pirate
    Occupation: Gardner

    Appearance: Sadron is a muscular, tall, and tan-skinned man with red hair and red bat-like wings. He generally wears a black t shirt, white cargo shorts, and yellow shoes.
    Hair Color: Sadron's hair is dark red in a shaggy but short hair style.
    Skin Tone: Sadron's skin is tanned like a caucasian who gets alot of sun.
    Height: 6'1

    Personality: Despite being a cyborg, Sadron is like a puzzle of riddled emotions and mannerisms that noteably disregard one another making him very polaristic. He is both a goof ball and a self-loathing perfectionist. He maintains a gag filled and unorthodox sense of humor at all times, but should he ever fail at anything, he will be quick to punish himself and/or sink into a rare but deep depression. Such a depression is more often than not, short lived. Along with the wide range of emotions, Sadron displays a harsh yet intellectual persona on extremely rare occasions; this side of him is cold and calculating with very little regard for others. This side of him will only peek its head out during battle, serious confrontation, or serious times of woe. Sadron is very friendly, but he is rarely polite to anyone due to the fact that his Skypiean family forced him to be courteous as a child thus making him want to rebel.

    Behavior/Habits: He is described as a prankster who excels with his trickery due to his attention to detail and perfectionistic drive. His habit of pranking is never harmful nor is it filled with any malice. Sadron is random in his comments and is almost always trying to make people laugh at his long drawn-out jokes. This wannabe comedian has a bad habit of explaining even the most obvious of his jokes. Sadron's worst and most significant habit is his habit to beat himself up over even the smallest of failures. One example is if someone fails to laugh at his jokes after a little while, he will go pout in a corner and make himself feel bad.

    Likes: Sadron likes shooting, jokes, pranks, food/eating, laughing, dancing, winning/suceeding, gardening, and his yellow shoes.

    Dislikes: Sadron dislikes the world government, marines, giant birds, ice, lightning, mushrooms, losing/failing, boomerang throwing, climbing, and uncontrolled fires.


    Fears: Sadron is afraid of lightning storms, losing/failing, flocks of aggressive chickens, burning to death, people not laughing at his jokes, losing his shoes, and letting down people he cares about.


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