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    Luna Blair

    Luna Blair
    Luna Blair

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    Character Name: Luna Blair
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    Luna Blair Empty Luna Blair

    Post by Luna Blair on Thu Oct 09, 2014 10:53 pm

       Name:Luna Blair


       Appearance:Luna is a young, normal-sized and slim girl, with auburun hair and green eyes. Many people consider her to be very attractive or even beautiful. She has black tattoos on her hands and under her left eye.
       Hair Color:auburun hair
       Skin Tone:tan skin
       Height:5.50 ft

       Personality:She is a sweet,yet cruel and sadistic.She doesn't trust anyone and it takes a lot to gain her trust,but once you did ,keep in mind that you can lost it in a second.
       Dislikes:prostitutes,guys who who underestimates her,fire guns,marines
       Motivations:She doesn't need a reason.She lives by the motto"Do what you want,when you want,as you want,before it's to late"
       Fears:She fears that one day,the marines will catch her and the others pirates.
       History:Her parents were killed when she was 7 with guns.A bartendet took care of her,and since pirates and thives were always there ,she learned how to defend herself.When she was 16 she left the bar.She has left behind a trail of broken hearts and is an expert singer.And since then she just causes chaos and made a name of herslef.

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    Luna Blair Empty Re: Luna Blair

    Post by Storm Runner on Sat Oct 11, 2014 1:43 am

    hi there here to grade your application so first things first your word counts:
    1. Personality is 114 words below the minimum of 150.
    2. Behaviour/Habits is 100 words under the minimum which is 100 because I can't see it in your application so please include that.
    3. History is 135 words under the 200 word minimum.

    then your occupation bartender/swordsman are not actual occupations. Yes you can rp as a bartender for your crew and fight like a swords man if you wish but the occupation you would be looking for is weapons master, fighter, cook or Champion (if you want to be haki heavy and not have a devil fruit).

    here is a list of the occupations in case you missed them:

    and lastly please pick your age to be one or the other not 19 - 20

    Luna Blair Fujin110
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