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    Drave Haguro

    Drave Haguro

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    Drave Haguro

    Post by Drave Haguro on Sat Oct 18, 2014 4:24 pm

    Name: Drave Haguro
    Epithet: The Antichrist
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Sexuality: Straight

    Affiliation: Pirate
    Occupation: Weapon Master

    Appearance: Drave's physical apperance is that of a man with thin and atletic body figure. He received a large scar on the left side of his face wich is shaped like an Eastern Cross. Aside from that, he is very attractive, because he somehow keeps himself in a nice, healthy form, wich makes him really charming. Drave has blue eyes and fluffy medium-sized, silver-colored hair. He likes wearing black-themed, tight clothes. He often wears battle boots, a pair of leather pants, sleeveless leather sweatshirt with cherry-colored cross on it's center, and leather gloves on his hands. His weapon of choise is a giant scythe, reaching almost twice his size, wich he likes having on his back.
    Hair Color: Silver
    Skin Tone: Pale
    Height: 5'8" (175 cm)
    Weight: 125 lbs (57 kgs)

    Personality: Drave is an individual with great confidence in himself. He is the type of man that likes doing things on their own, but won't really bother if having to cooperate in an organisation/crew with other people, as long as they are the kind of partners he would want to hang around with. In his book, these has to be really skilled and powerful man/women with meaningful goals. He won't, however, let anyone restrict him from his freedom, because he feels like this is all you really need, if you want to call yourself pirate. Even thought he cares more about himself than he does for others, he won't betray/left his 'comrades', and would appreciate them for their hard work, especially if they happened to be under his leadership. He is able to read throught other's feelings, and understand if they are honest or not; as he would respond only to the real, trustworthy ones, if he feels like he has good reason behind it.


    • Rebellion, chaos
    • Exploring new places
    • Partying
    • Spicy food
    • Milkshake


    • Being unlucky
    • Weaklings
    • Friendship speeches
    • Try-hard wannabies


    • To conquer the world.


    • His ambition being stopped.
    • Dying unsatisfied, unable to find peace inside himself.
    • That the world might never change, if it falls in the wrong hands.

    Behavior/Habits: In most of the time, Haguro is laid-back and relaxed. He gets harsh only towards anyone who has any grudge against him. Haguro would only get serious on extreme situations, such as; when he needs make/fulfill a promise, and when he has to fight for keeping his ambition going. On obvious occasions, he might 'act' as if he is in pain or in fear via sarcasm, just for the sake of the experience he earns with being able to understand emotions. His logic might surprass even that of really intelligent type of individuals and he is very crafty is what makes him really dangerous, in a wierd and sometimes completely wrong way.

    History: Drave lived in a religious family with his father, mother and older brother. Haguro was the only black sheep in his family. He got punished quite often (this is actually how he got the long scar on the left side of his face), because he never believed in this 'God', and Justice-worshipping, and always rebelled against it. With his father going on work, he would always go out and hang out in a bar with pirates. He was always impressed by how much freedom these guys had, and the various goals they set on each other. When asked would the point of his life be when he grow up, Haguro would respond, that he will 'conquer the world', provoking all the guys to laught in disbelieve. Drave was always the heat of the party with all of these wierd individuals, even thought he hated the way they were messing around with him, because they didn't knew about his dramatic childhood and he was actually serious about his goal.
    After growing up as a mature, Drave would piss off his father even more, because what he wanted was his sons to become Navi just like him, and Haguro would say that he wanted to become a pirate, angering him even more than before. Once, when Haguro was hanging out with the guys in the bar, he saw something 'funny'. It was looking like some kind of fruit, and he ated it, thought he didn't know what it was. Other pirates, then, got freaked out, and said to Drave that it was actually a 'Devil fruit' the thing he ate, no wonder Haguro was feeling kind of wierd after it. 'A devil, huh' - thought Haguro, and then he smirked, meaning he got an idea. Then he trained for like 2 years to become strong, without letting his parents know anything about what happen with him, and hiding it from them. At the years of 18, when he actually needed to start working with the Navi, he mouthed off against his father for his last time, but this time, he actually defeated him. Being completely broke, his father came to the decision to let Drave go and do whatever he wants. It was the time, when Drave's journey actually began.


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    Re: Drave Haguro

    Post by Storm Runner on Sun Oct 19, 2014 2:48 am

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