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    Rei Jishin's Character Application

    Rei Jishin

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    Rei Jishin's Character Application

    Post by Rei Jishin on Sun Oct 19, 2014 10:01 am

    Name: Jishin, Rei
    Epithet: Frozen Blade Rei
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Sexuality: Heterosexual

    Affiliation: Pirate
    Occupation: Blacksmith

    Appearance:Rei is overall rather thin, purposefully keeping himself that way by working out and doing physical activity regularly. Also due to his rigorously physical lifestyle, he is well muscled and well toned. His homeland is Relleechill Island, and because of this, he is very used to the cold and will even go shirtless in freezing temperatures. He has medium-sized, almond-shaped eyes, which are a dark green in color, which is odd considering his northern heritage.

    Though he enjoys being shirtless most of the time because he finds anything above freezing to be uncomfortably warm, Rei, when clothed, wears light colors, typically white or a light blue. Of these, he'll wear T-Shirts with various insignias on them. His pants are always made of light, breathable cloth, but have many pockets to hold ammo and other things in.

    Rei does have a few smaller accessories about him, one being the blue metal bracelet on his left wrist and the other being an anchor necklace which he keeps on constantly. Also he wears the large sheath for Tundra down his back, and it hangs by a strap that runs from his right shoulder to his left hip.

    Hair Color: His hair is a very dark blue, nearly black, and comes down to the top of his neck. Not kept in much of a style, it seems to be bedheaded all the time, and only lays neatly on top.
    Skin Tone: Rei is lightly skinned due to being from the north. His skin is mostly smooth, but does have a number of scars from falling on the ice in his homeland.
    Height: 6'1
    Weight: 178 lbs

    Personality: Rei's most prominent personality attribute is his steadfast resolve. He doesn't face defeat easily, but will make a tactical retreat if needed, and is always looking for ways to make things turn out well for himself and those he is fond of. He isn't quick to warm up to people, part of his raising in the village on a small snowy island in the North Blue left him a bit uneasy around strangers. However once you have gained his trust he will assist you as a friend should. He doesn't typically try to outdo others, unless he considers them a rival, which he does only to a select few. Only, if you are his enemy, you'd best get out of the way, as he will do everything he can to overpower you.

    When not in battle, Rei can be pleasant to be around, that is, as long as you aren't trying to butt heads with him. He can be a reliable source of information, especially with weapons and ironwork, due to his background in metal. However, he is quite uninformed about women. Because of this, he isn't often entranced by beauty, even when a bombshell of a woman comes within his range of awareness.
    Likes: Metalwork, The Cold, Learning New Blacksmithing Techniques
    Dislikes: Poor Metalwork, Heat outside the forge, Heights
    Motivations: The smith the greatest weapons of the age.
    Fears: The destruction of his homeland. Being unable to continue his craft. Being unsuccessful in the world outside his home.
    Behavior/Habits: Rei has quite a few typical habits. When blacksmithing, he is completely focused, with his hair held back in a headband of black cloth. He has little patience for people that interrupt him while he is working with metal, but won't snap at them unless they are directly interrupting him.

    When he's lying he'll do one of two things, he'll either itch the side of his nose and look to the right, or he'll lightly rub his left arm with his right hand, right on his old forge burn.

    One of his most repeated phrases is "Strike while its hot" as he is a very go to it type of person, and takes every advantage he can in a fight.
    Born in the deepest reaches of the North Blue, Rei has always lived in the cold, and adapted to it at a young age. While he was a toddler he would go about the island with his mother, both of them in only light winter clothing which most would consider too little for the cold of the island, however, they found anything more than that to be too warm for their 'little strolls'. Most of their walks ended in the private library which Rei's family had owned and added to for a number of generations. His mother's side of the family were all natives of the island, but his father was from the East Blue, and was never used to the cold, so, he spent most of his time in the large, nicely warm, house.

    The library was where Rei spent most of his time after toddler-hood, reading as well as being schooled by his mother in the large building. It was here that he gained his knowledge of pirate lore, history in general, Devil Fruit Lore, and several dozen other areas, it was also this what made him want to be a pirate, it was both the idea of the One Piece, and the events which showed the corruption of the Marines. There was only the trouble of being strong enough to go to the Grand Line, that, and that he needed to find and join a crew. But first, he had to strengthen himself, which is why he learned the art of Blacksmithing over the course of seven years, each year, he studied with a Blacksmith who visited the island in the Summer and had a forge on the ship which he owned.

    In his seventh year of apprenticeship, Rei created his great weapon, Tundra. It was unlike anything he had created before, elegant, powerful, and because he had forged it after the Summer ended and the cold had sucked some of the color from the metal, it was colored all shades of blue, just like the ice which surrounded the island.

    However, even with his skill as a blacksmith recognized by all on his island, he knew there were others out there far better, and that without proper materials he could never advance his skills. And what better way to see the world and work of other smiths, and gather rare materials than to join that ever so adventurous profession of pirate. So now, this year, he has left his home behind him and headed south to find a crew to join.

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    Re: Rei Jishin's Character Application

    Post by Storm Runner on Sun Oct 19, 2014 8:00 pm

    cool someone is using one of the new occupation I made ^^

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