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    Edward Kenway's character application

    Edward Kenway
    Edward Kenway

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    Edward Kenway's character application

    Post by Edward Kenway on Wed Oct 29, 2014 4:09 am

    Name:  Edward Kenway
    Epithet: The Black Assassin
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Sexuality: Straight

    Affiliation: Pirate
    Occupation: Champion

    Hair Color: Jet Black
    Skin Tone: Light
    Height: 6'2"
    Weight: 164 lbs.

    Personality: Edward knows of manners and being very proper because he was raised to be a prince, he loathed this lifestyle however. He was given everything he ever wanted while growing up but unfortunately for his family, the boy was born with the taste of adventure and rebellion already in his mouth. Edward ran away from his home island because he wished to attain things on his own, he has a strong sense of personal achievement. After leaving his old life Edward went on to be taken in by a group of underground assassins who taught him their way. Because of this Edward is capable of being extremely cold and calculating especially when it comes to battle. He takes what he wants and does as he pleases. Edward also has a certain belief of the possibility of uniting people under a pact and that giving someone a purpose is the best way to motivate them.

    When meeting people, depending on the situation, Kenway can be extremely outgoing and friendly to a point and will talk to someone new if he must. If someone already appears to be an enemy before discussion however, Kenway will be just like his assassin brethren; cold, calculating, murderous and unforgiving. Edward seeks a normal love life, he could find himself falling in love with a female pirate but on the other hand he wants someone who he could be with if he could ever escape the pirate life even still.

    There is some things Kenway is rather touchy about, it all revolves around his past. No matter who you are or how long Edward has known you, unless you are someone from his past he is not willing to talk about it, not without getting angry or aggressive with that person. As apart of the Order, Kenway knows certain secrets that he can't share with people, certain things he's done that he'd rather never talk about again and seen things that would make a man's morality crumble to dust. Kenway's private affairs are exactly that, not to be meddled with by anyone but Kenway himself, so don't ask!


    • Sword-play
    • Drinking
    • Adventure


    • Being tricked
    • Back-stabbers
    • Marines


    • Fame
    • Fortune
    • Power


    • Being brought back home
    • Dying before reaching his goals
    • Losing someone he loves

    Behavior/Habits: Edward has a tendency to drink until the crack of dawn if he has time, he'll even pass out outside and sleep on or in a tree, on the deck of a ship or anywhere really, he could even sleep on a rock if he wanted too. When Edward is trying to convince someone of something he prefers to get straight to the point, only having the patience to entertain small talk for a few words. Kenway has a certain love for all objects that a sharp and weaponised, he loves the thrill of combat and all things involved with combat.

    History: Edward Kenway has a very dark history that he hides to the fullest, as a boy he was born into a terrible kingdom where his father ruled the land like a devil, he was a man that was despised by all but his own family. He ruled with an iron fist and was a natural born warrior. At a young age he taught Edward the ways of the sword and battle, teaching him strategies and common knowledge. This however was not the life for Edward, he was young but he yearned for adventure and power that not his father but he himself had attained and so, he fled from that life of a rich aristocrat and joined up with a very underground gang of assassins.

    The Assassin's that took him in were much more than they seemed on the outside, they were deadlocked in a war against a secret society within the world government and the marines called 'The Templar's' who were terrible people who believed in human sacrifice and ruling the world with powerful and terrible weapons. Kenway was trained even further by these Assassin's to become the most lethal breed of killer that the oceans had seen, he was a small time assassin but he earned a specific title within the order. His enemies and his allies alike would always say and tell stories of Kenway and how he would come in the shadows and wipe out small naval bases by himself, they said when he fought it was like the devil himself had taken control of Kenway and used him as an instrument for murder.

    After gaining his independence in the Assassin order by proving himself a trust-able member, Kenway set out on his own and became a pirate. He is now steadily trying to build up not only a crew but something more fierce, an alliance.
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    Storm Runner

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    Re: Edward Kenway's character application

    Post by Storm Runner on Sun Nov 02, 2014 2:51 am

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