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    Edward Kenway's Swords

    Edward Kenway

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    Edward Kenway's Swords

    Post by Edward Kenway on Wed Oct 29, 2014 4:43 am

    Equipment Name: Edwards Shinken Swords (x2)
    Equipment Level: 1
    Equipment Type: Dual Swords
    Equipment Description: Edwards dual shinken swords are custom made to fit his hands perfectly, one is fashioned with the hand-guard to be outfitted to his left hand and the other to his right hand, allowing for full protection of the hand if another blade deflects down to the hilt. It's made of highly tempered steel and an ornate golden designed hand-guards and center piece which runs halfway up the blades. The blades themselves are approximately three and a quarter feet long not including the hilt, because of this the blades are very narrow which works well for things such as stabbing chinks in armor, giving the blades high mobility and control as well as being extremely light without losing durability.
    Equipment Significance: These swords are Kenway's bread and butter, he is a proficient user in both single and double sword style and thus, these weapons are the tools that enable his destructive swordsmanship.
    Equipment Strength:
    - Light swords with great mobility (+5 speed when attacking with one or both swords)
    - Enhanced hand guards which properly cover the hands protecting the wielder (+5 endurance against other swordsman)
    - Custom fit blades which are perfectly made for Kenway, He cannot be disarmed by someone his level or lower.
    Equipment Weaknesses:
    - Slim blades with little weight disable Kenway from being able to cause very hard strikes (-5 strength against heavy armor)
    - Small blades making it hard to block bullets or projectiles (-5 endurance against projectiles)
    - Equipped offhand weapon disables Kenway from being able to use his offhand for anything other than holding his sword when both are equipped, limiting his options for combat to dual swords.

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    Re: Edward Kenway's Swords

    Post by Storm Runner on Sun Nov 02, 2014 2:52 am

    to get dual swords you need to apply for one sword at a time and you only get one free weapon.

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