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    Kill it while its young part.1! task1


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    Kill it while its young part.1! task1 Empty Kill it while its young part.1! task1

    Post by shadowspark on Wed Nov 19, 2014 8:51 pm

    Shadowsparks's conviction to remove the pirate presence in one of centuria's port towns was strong. This was going to be his bravest moment he thought, the monks at the temple had trained him well, and helped him perfect the use of his curse....that damned cursed fruit he had eaten. They hated the idea that he was now a tainted of the young prodigies of the southern temple style was now....just....just one of them.

    The monks always made sure to spend just as much time yielding the teachings of love and peace as they did teaching the iron holy fist style of combat,a defensive style of finesse fighting meant for defense. Shadowspark was nervous, not because of the 25 pirates stationed all around him manipulating the port and its traffic for their own selfish gain, but because he had never intentionally initiated violence. What he had convinced himself to do was potentially kill all these people....

    "should i really do have to...they didn't think about my fellow priests lives when they came!" Shadow uttered to himself without truly knowing what had happened and who had done it.

    In order to be successful he knew he had to locate 2 things, first was where the pirates were heading with all the loot they'd been forcing the locals to yield. Second was the local authority in the area, even though he doubted they'd do much,they would of already been here if they could, seeing as all the supplies the town needed to run was being halved by these parasitic pirates.

    Shadowspark started to walk around on the peer, he knew he had to be discrete in gathering information, he didn't want a dilemma before he could do anything. As he wondered about his business  he'd peek out of the corner of his eyes to check out the stolen merchandise. These grunts were taking everything from new fish to the barrels of sugar stacked up tall. He continued to scope out the goods when he noticed some working pirates giving him the stink eye,but that wasn't the only thing that stunk he realized as a tall shadow creeped up behind him until the ground around him was black with spots of sunlight piercing through the gaps in his figure.

    "you better get the hell outta here bacayaro, before you take a long swim! YEHOHAHA,YEEHOHAHA" chuckled Bert.As Shadow turned around he saw a skinny man with a purple cane and torn attire similar to the rest of the pirates around. "hahahahahaha you tell em bert!" yelled his fellow crew mate. The purple cane holder then began to lift his cane and thrusted it forward towards shadow's stomach. Shadow saw as the skinny individual raised his if it were in slow motion shadow thought to himself " should i dodge this...should i block it...should i just catch it..its going so slow, il hit him after i deflect! can't, i can't cause any trouble just yet i don't know enough...but theres not that many of them here on the pier, just 7 i can handle fighting!" That was it,Shadow had once again convinced himself and as he strengthened his resolve his stomach muscles clenched in pain as he fell to his knees. The cane had slammed into his diaphragm and he was struggling to catch his breath. "damn it" thought Shadowspark, "don't make me say it again!" yelled out bert with a smile on his face.

    Shadow left the entrance of the pier where the man with the purple cane was, and rubbed his stomach as he proceeded around the dock, he looked around and steadily began to notice the faces and expressions of the dock workers, and merchants around the pier. They all seemed so gloomy and terrified, as if they were in constant fear for their lives. After seeing this Shadows shoulders dropped back and his chest puffed out, he knew he had to toughen his resolve if he was going to make a difference..if he was going to help these people. He reassured himself and went about his way. As he continued his observations he noticed 2 ships being attended to, one seemed to be leaving port while the other seemed to not of moved in some time, the ropes holding the ship seemed warn, and the knots seemed pretty tight as to show it wasn't going to be readied to sail in some time. One of the workers walked by him and he heard a name uttered, then they boarded the ship that was leaving. He guessed that's were the ship was headed but he failed to make a permanent note of it. The stationed ship had a large jolly roger swaying in the wind, this brought him hope, was he gonna see what he was looking for...that wretched emblem he found on the priests body...was it going to curse his line of sight again but this time on a giant flag? As Shadow walked over with abit of hurry, more hurry than he should have, he got in position to decode the image...a skull and 3 arrows...undoubtedly not what he had saw at the temple.These were not the men who had committed such a horrible crime against his heart. "None the less they still have to be stopped" he thought

    He made his way to the town entrance to the dock when he noticed a large crowd stopped up along the road. When he came up close enough he saw bert and his men lugging the goods on a horse carriage that seemed to be headed into town. They had forced everyone to make way for them, this was good now shadow could get some insight on whats going on with the cover of camouflage. Just as quickly as it had formed the crowd had dispersed and went about its business, the carriage had started along the dirt road and shadow took off after it, but before he could put some real distance between him and the towns port entrance,suddenly a stick like image was inserted into his vision and was quickly coming towards him.So quickly in fact it seemed to shadow that the object was a foot away and was about to slam into his head. Instinctively avoiding the threat,Shadow bent backwards almost 70 degrees to see a purple cane swish quickly over his head and behind him. He turned to his left after quickly recovering his position he saw a tall skinny man once again. Purple cane in hand, he now had an angry scowl across his face...

    "hmmm that was a good dodge, not many people around here can see my attacks...i knew you weren't just some wanderer...who..the hell are you"   "
    go drown yourself"
    shadow said proudly.
    " ohh and a foul tongue as well, you can't possibly be from this town,i know! you must be a pirate, no a marine! yea that's it,but wheres your ship,your crew mates, your commanding officer? Yehohahaha yehohahaha its not safe to be alone around these parts even if you are a lowly marine yehohahaha" exclaimed bert.
    "Watch you tongue flesh and bones, don't ever call me a marine again."
    Shadow stated firmly. The grin on bert's face had faded as they now stood in silence on the side of the dirt road...just 6feet from each other.
    "Don't worry about me,just pretend i don't exist, but just know your reign of terror here will end soon."
    Shadow started towards the town leaving bert behind, he now had to track the carriage which was going to be a tedious task when all of a sudden again came bert this time from behind, Shadow could only sense his intent to strike but not his manner of attack. By the time Shadow had turned around bert had the cane to his throat. He inched in really close to shadow and uttered "i know what you are" Shadows eyes opened, he realized bert was faster than he had lead on, and then the curiosity of berts words hit him...
    "know what i a-?" he was about to say before he was cut of by bert shoving the cane into his throat and tripping him to the ground. Bert pushed his cane out towards Shadowspark and said
    " Im Bert Frougen leader of the revolutionary resistance here on centauria...Meet me in the horse pen tonight and i will tell you more.
    He then walked off towards the port and out of sight, "what the hell is going on
    " thought Shadowspark.

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