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    Madara Hezoki newest marine captain


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    Madara Hezoki newest marine captain

    Post by Hare on Tue Dec 02, 2014 11:53 pm

    Name: Madara Hezoki
    Epithet: Black Hare
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Sexuality: Heterosexual

    Affiliation: Marines
    Occupation: Human Hurricane

    Appearance: Madara's everyday attire is a black long sleeved shirt with with a white bunny on it. Below the bunny it says Marines so ita not hard to tell if hes a Marine. He also wears a black scarf. The one where one of it sides are hanging down from the back white the other side is tucked around itself. He wears black pants then end at the middle of his calfs. He wears black slippers which also has the same white bunny on it. Indeed His attire does look childish.
    Hair Color:Black
    Skin Tone: kind of tan
    Height: 6'0
    Weight: 180 pounds

    Personality: Madara is what some people would call an adult child. He is of adult age but acts like a child. He doesn't really takes things seriously. And when he saying something mean or evil he would put a smile on fruthing the damage the blow did. He often plays around on the battle field. He isalso the type of guy to help a cat out of a tree. Just to throw it in front of a speeding car. He is a some what messed up person but he believes in justice and goes after people who go against that justice. Madara can lie like a pro without a care in the world. He is also very cautious about his teammates and how they conduct there mission. He believes the mission should be carried with absolute order. But that would contradict his going against this rules part of him. He only listens to the higher ups because he has to not because he wants to.
    Likes:Coffee,Candy and Battles
    Dislikes: Tea,Waffles and turkey
    Motivations: arresting his father
    Fears: dying without getting his and his mothers revenge. The fear of drowning randomly. The fear of salt like literally he is afriad of salt you would have to lie to him to get him to eat something salty
    Behavior/Habits: He tends to act childish towards fights and in general. But when a real battle occurs he changes into a genius on the battle field. He is also a sweet tooth always being seen with a candy or two. He nevers leaves without his bag of candy. Madara is often shown to be quite a.quick thinker going for out of the bos solutions instead of regular ones. That in a way is a weaknessanda   strength. Madara is also quite quiet not wanting to speak becuase it waste energyn he only speakswhen  he has too. And even in those moments he trys to go for little words possible. He says words like ya nothin' ect what people wouldc all slang. He doesn't think of it as that he thinks ofit as an easier and less wasting energy way of speaking.
    History: Madara Hezoki. A child genius from the beginning of his existence. Madara was very ahead for his age. Finishing school at age 13. He had a good life. Untl his father ruined it. He cheated on his mother for 3 years and then when she found out his father killed the woman he was with to cover his tracks. By the time Madara found out his father had already ran away. Leaving him and his mother to fend for their self. Madara had to go into the Marines for money. He could barely see his mother with all the jobs he was going. It was indeed stressful for him. The higher ups saw promise in him and started giving him harder jobs to do. Doing these jobs helped Madara get stronger. It was during one of these missions on a break he found his weird purple fruit in one of the salesmen were selling. He did know what it was at the time but after he ate the whole thing the nasty tasting fruit. He had no idea what awaited him from eating this fruit. When the higher ups found out about these new abilities Madara gained they immediately promoted Madara to captain rank. He also told him to practice with his abilities. They also gave him even harder missions to do. And they also had to tell him about devil fruits the categories and such.
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    Re: Madara Hezoki newest marine captain

    Post by Storm Runner on Fri Dec 05, 2014 11:52 pm


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