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    [Hexller&Unitama&Tymonster01] Task; Smells like fish.


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    [Hexller&Unitama&Tymonster01] Task; Smells like fish.

    Post by Unitama on Wed Dec 10, 2014 2:18 pm

    Task Name: Smells like fish. Enter Tyler Eld.
    Task Rank: Veteran
    Boss Required?: No
    Location: East blue; Arlong park.
    Task Details: Our brave Adamant pirates sailed over the north blue and where looking for an entrance of the Grand Line. But somehow they ended up in the East Blue with no knowledge of how they got there. Almost out of food again and no change the have send their stolen gold, captain Alexander Hexller decided to stop by the first island he saw, some mysterious island with no real name. Somewhere else on the island already was a man with his own plans...

    -Get food
    -Don't die
    -Defeat the fishmen


    Name: Park Pirate x30
    Level: 1
    Type: Human or Fishman
    Alignment: Evil - Neutral
    Appearance: These Pirates wear all sorts of different clothing from tropical wear to black pants and shirts. They have different weapons on their belts and don't look like the type of guys you want to mess with.
    Description: If they see you they will walk towards you in groups of 2 or 3 to confront you about why you are here on their turf (Arlong Park) . They are equipped with some pretty fine grade weaponry and if you don't suck up to them they will use it in full force.

    Endurance:10 (Fishmen Park Pirates gain +10 Endurance In Water)
    Finesse:30 (Fishmen Park Pirates gain +10 Endurance In Water)
    Reflex:20 (Fishmen Park Pirates gain +20 Reflex In Water)
    Speed:20 (Fishmen Park Pirates gain +10 Speed In Water)
    Strength:20 (Fishmen Park Pirates gain +10 Strength In Water)
    Skill Mastery:1
    Haki Level:1

    Humans: Gun, Sword and Mace Arts.
    Fishman: Fishman Karate, Water Sword Arts and Water Bullet arts.

    FC: N/A

    Name: Bu'thor x1
    Level: 1
    Type: Cyborg Fishman (Gaining the Bonus of Fishman only.)
    Alignment: Evil - Aggressive
    Appearance: Bu'thor has Eight long 9 foot Cyborg Tentacles. Metal Drills are on the very tips of the tentacles and throughout his entire being Are small glowing lights. Bu'thor wears a small cap on his head and tropical Clothing that is very loose. His Upper body is purely all muscle and his skin tone is of a light blue. Not only does he have his Tentacles but he also has Two massive swords that are 3 feet across and 6 feet tall which he holds with his strong arms.
    Description: Bu'thor is a violent, horrid Fishman Cyborg that wants nothing else but destruction. He hangs out at the very top of the Arlong Park building and when someone has beaten his men down below he jumps from the top window (Which is open for when he does jump) And lands perfectly on the Stone Ground to fight and kill who ever is in the area.

    Endurance:60 (+10 Endurance In Water)
    Finesse:30 (+10 Endurance In Water)
    Reflex:40 (+20 Reflex In Water)
    Speed:40 (+10 Speed In Water)
    Strength:50 (+10 Strength In Water)
    Skill Mastery:1
    Haki Level:1

    Abilities: 8 Tipped Whips. Duel Sword Play. X10 Swimming Arts.

    FC: N/A


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