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    Triatath- Character application


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    Triatath- Character application

    Post by Triatath on Thu Dec 11, 2014 10:24 pm

    Name: Triatath Low-Mayes
    Epithet: Sleepless Eyed Marksman
    Age: 14
    Gender: Male
    Race: Cyborg
    Sexuality: Bisexual

    Affiliation: Pirate
    Occupation: Scientist/Blacksmith (sniper as well but Is not an official occupation)


    Appearance: A tall, lean young man with an artificial eye and top right side of face which colors the eye red, but his other eye is a violent blue. He has dark blonde hair which is Discolored slightly by white are red hairs where his scalp meets the area on his face with no skin. The artificial area on is face looks like a bony structured area with a red eye. It looks as though the top right side of his face has no skin, muscle or fat but the bones are then made of metal which is colored white and the eye is normal except it is red instead of blue like his other eye.  
    Hair Color: dark blonde hair which is Discolored slightly by white are red hairs where his scalp meets the area on his face with no skin.
    Skin Tone: A person who was originally pale, now is tanned from the sun and has a few small freckles
    Height: 5'9
    Weight: 50KG


    Personality: Has a tendency to correct people. He is very intelligent and is able to make an assortment of devices to help himself and others. He is a very comical person who enjoys people laughing however can never get close to people so is very open and friendly. He loves discovering things and finding new things so he is constantly asking questions so that when people ask him, he will know. Due to this, he is very knowledgeable and knows a little bit about everything. He has come to the point in which he can make educated guesses and figure out why something is happening by using previously known information. He tends to not pay attention during things he already knows which can often seem like he doesn't care, however he has to learn something or else having someone explain something to you is pointless. He can read two things at one and can focus on two things at once due to his cybernetic attachments on his face. This often causes his imagination to run wild whilst someone is talking ore while he is reading and eventually he is completely focused on his thoughts.  

    Behavior/Habits: He always makes jokes and tries to say intriguing things during a low point in a conversation because he hates silence. He has a habit of analyzing something completely in his head and then making assumptions off of that rather than listening to what someone has to say or to what is described in a book. He will often answer questions that no one originally anticipated was going to be answered so he can come off as a smart-alec. when he gets nervous, he begins thinking intensely and entering a train of thought where everything around him is slowed down and he can assess everything in a situation. this has been trained to the point where he can do it on command.    

    Likes: Inventing, Thinking ,Dogs and Talking
    Dislikes: Onions, Being alone, Discrimination and arrogance.  
    Motivations: Protecting his dog and finding people who accept him and think he is a good person.
    Fears: Losing his dog, being alone forever, knowing nothing and having no humor.

    History: His father was a marine. He was a good man but was driven insane by the moral failings and corruption found in the higher rankings of the marine core. His father killed Triatath's mother in a fit of rage. Triatath heard the gunshots and looked from atop a tree-house that his father had built him before he was born. He couldn't see what was happening so he took an old military scope and looked down at his house to see his father pointing a sniper rifle right at him. A flash of light, and time slowed down, he heard the bullet slicing through the air and pulled the scope sideways in a desperate attempt to block the bullet. His arms buckled as the sound of metal contorting deafened him. The scope had sent shrapnel flying into the side of his face, piercing his eye and ripping up the side of his face. Darkness. Whether it was the pain from the injuries that woke you up, or whether the doctor had done a miracle, his good eye was desperately clawing for some scraps of light in the room where doctors had been operating on him. his face was sowed up and he couldn't feel anything. not even a numbness. He panicked and flung his arm across him sending a glass flying across the room. In that moment. He recognized it. the feeling when the bullet was flying at him. Time felt like it had slowed to a standstill and he was able to get a hole of the situation. But then, he noticed something. a fluttering on the right side of his face like a prod with a tiny amount of lightning. He started to blink but he noticed, half of his vision did not close. It was staying in view as though he was winking. He could not close it. Or blink with it. It was always seeing. Sleepless. He reached up and felt it. cold. hard. spherical. this was not his eye! The area where he was hit by the shrapnel was a reconstruction of the bones in his face, all out of metal. he mover a mirror over the top of the rock-like bed which he was on. His right eye, and everything around it, was white metal, but the eye was normal but colored crimson. With a hole in the center and the harder he looked, the more an increasingly large red beam of light expanded from his eye. In walked a man. His hair was white and he had a pair of dirty red glasses on, even the lenses were red. This man is doctor. or Dr. Dahktor. His face was one that would be mentoring him for the rest of his time on his home island. This was the man that would teach him everything. This was the many who would teach him how to see, how to make, how to think. But most importantly. How to kill.

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    Re: Triatath- Character application

    Post by Unitama on Fri Dec 12, 2014 12:43 pm

    Solid. Keep in mind when making you stats, that you can only get the occupation bonus from only one of your occupations. So choose wisely.

    Other than that,


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