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    Chizuko D. Morimoto


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    Chizuko D. Morimoto Empty Chizuko D. Morimoto

    Post by Danielle_Frost on Thu Dec 18, 2014 8:57 pm

    Name:Chizuko D. Morimoto
    Epithet: The Red devil
    Affiliation: Revolution
    Occupation: Weapon Master
    Hair Color:Dark red
    Skin Tone:Fair

    Personality:Chizuko is a rather calm person being slow to anger a trait that has served her well in life. However woe unto you if you anger her for she will not take it easy upon you. She also cares deeply for her friends and comrades to the point that she would react in violently in there defense. Chizuko is also slow to judge and quick to trust which makes her easy to aproach and easy to befriend just be  sure not to betray her trust. Finally Chizuko detests the nobles and the act of slave trading having lost a sister at young age to it along with her mother. This act is more than likely why chizuko joined up with the revolution to screw over the world nobles however possible. In battle Chizuko tends to be rather agressive and blood thirsty quite the contrast to her rather nice and friendly persona off the battle field.

    Likes:Drinking sake with friends, Sparing with other swordsman, and screwing over the world goverment however possible.
    Dislikes:Rum finding it too strong for her personal taste, nobles finding them horrible people on average, having her trust betrayed, and finally she hates slave trading.
    Motivations:Freedom for herself and a desire to see the world government burn, she also one day hopes to find what became of her mother and sister.
    Fears:Being captured by the world government and sold into slavery

    Behavior/Habits:When given time to rest she likes to meditate claiming it helps her center herself and get ready for battle. She also likes to train spending a large amount of time on the training fields praticing her skills/

    History:Chizuko was born into a happy family and it would stay that way till an event when she was six that would shape her life from then on. You see her sister and mother where both very pretty to the extent they caught the eye of a Noble they naturally refused him. So the noble responded by getting in touch with some slavers and them being sold if he couldn't have them he would make sure no one else could. It was at that moment Chizuko started hating nobles and the slave trader's. Still she wasn't the only one to suffer that day her father was never quite the same being abusive and constantly drunk. One day he attempted to rape her and she killed him in self defense before she fled the town and got passage on a ship.

    The crew was kind enough and she met a man that would start training her in the basic's of combat and such after much pratice they found out she was just not cut out for hand to hand so they instead tried sword play. After much pratice they found out she prefered sabers to other types of swords and she started praticing it and devolping a style of sword play. Soon after she her time with the crew would end as she choose to stay at the next town for abit and take up a job at the inn tending there bar.

    She would stay over at the town for quite awhile as she was given a unique offer by an old friend to join the revoultionary army she took it in a heart beat anything to let her try to change the world. After a few trial missions she ended up being an excepted member of the revolution as she started to make a name for herself.

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    Chizuko D. Morimoto Empty Re: Chizuko D. Morimoto

    Post by Phoenix D. Jack on Fri Jan 09, 2015 9:50 am

    Personality needs to be 150 words min

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